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Monday, 20 February 2012

Last night, Jensen fell out if bed. He blamed the blanket for tossing him out of bed.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

I rang my husband and whinged I was hungry.
He told me to have some tinned fruit salad.
I told him I don't like fruit salad.
A little voice from the lounge room calls out "you've never tried it!"

Baby steps

Around 3:30pm 18/02/2012 (haha nice and specific!) Eden took her first steps! It started as one step towards me from Andrew, I turned her around- 2 steps back to Andrew. Back and forward for a few minutes... 3steps, 2 steps, 3 steps etc (you get the picture). Then 5 steps !! Then she refused to play anymore haha. Nothing since, but she definitely could be walking by her 1st birthday, only 1mth away now!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Funny things he says

In the car after kindy yesterday (I know, I need to put the kindy run down post up! Just need time to write it), Jensen said something hilarious. My instant thought was "I'll write that down when we get out of the car!" however, when we got out of the car, he said this
"oh mum, I'm so embarrassed!"
I asked why, thinking something happened at Kindy. He replies
"I'm so embarrassed by this car!" I was stumped. Not something I was expecting for another 10yrs, and never about my car (a Range Rover, we do have some style, people!) so I asked why.
"I'm embarrassed about this car because it's not as cool as my dads Statesman!"
Mummy loses :( haha