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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bath mat

Gorgeous bath mat, yes?
Looks easy enough?
2 hour project!

Took 4.5hrs, all my sanity and it'll be the last bathmat I make. 
The instructions confused me.
Now I'm regretting telling my sister that I'll be making her daughters birthday present....

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Monday, 28 June 2010


Maybe not an audio book as such... (no copyright infringement was intended)

We read a story to Jensen each night. One of the books we read EVERY night is Possum Magic.

Last night, Jensen said to me when I started reading it was "Not you, Mummy." I had to be quiet and turn the pages and he did the rest!

So this morning, lying in our bed, I recorded him "reading" Possum Magic - from memory.

hmm.. this isn't working the way I wanted. I don't know how to get the audio file off my iPhone onto my computer and onto this blog...

In essence, Jensen has memorized the first half of Possum Magic.

My entry for RRSAHM's sweet crappest-giveaway-ever entry

Lollies. I love lollies. I have a soft spot for Jersey Caramels. I just love anything caramel. And I love jellybeans (not sucking up Lori, I swear!), especially the ones you get from the chemist.

And yes. Lori is awesome! Slightly groveling, but also sincere.

Best of luck to anyone entering... However, I think I'm the first entrant (coz Lolly Giveaway - who's not going to enter!?) so again, good luck !

And thanks to Lori for hosting your competition ;)

Sunday, 27 June 2010


I so totally had something great to say today.

But I lost it. My brain is stupid.

So, I'll make something up.. It's a bit random - but isn't life like that sometimes?

I don't think that women suffer from PMS... Well, I don't ;) I think I'm always this bitchy and it's just this time of the month that my husband notices.  And complains. Perhaps he's the one that suffers from it and bitches that I'm bitchy coz it's HIS time of the month... 

I decided that while Jensen was napping today, I'd sit down and start a sewing project.  I decided that I'd like one of the projects out of the book I borrowed from the local library. They ALL need at least two different bits of c0-ordinating fabric AND ribbon. I have fabric, none co-ordinating and NO ribbon. I wanted to go to Lincraft or Spotlight this afternoon, but it's 3:30 and I've had 3 tequila shots (hey!  It's Sunday and I was making the most of Jensen napping) and I'm in my pajamas. Lincraft is 10 mins up the road and closes at 4. Spotlight is 30 mins away and closes at 5. How about I just wait until J is at daycare tomorrow and work on it then. Much better idea.

I've been thinking about what I'd do for Jensen's 3rd birthday. My sister is only having a "party" for her kids (she has a boy and a girl) every 2nd year (eg: 4, 6, 8 etc). My mother-in-law reckons my husband didn't have a birthday parties. I think she was saying he had 2. The year my husband turned 5, they had his brother. So money was tight.

I only have the one child, and apparently, that's all I'll ever have. Wait til tomorrow's post and I'll elaborate! So why not have a "party" every year? I am thinking of following my sister's idea, so this year it'll just be small. They're always small anyway, as we don't have many friends - especially those with kids.

So, now I have an idea! I don't know if I should tell you, in case the idea is "stolen".      ;)
It's a little over a month away,  so you wont have long to wait ! 

Catch ya tomorrow! xx

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jensen is having a sleepover at Nanna's tonight, so husband took me to dinner!! We went to an Indian restaurant, Andrew ordered what seemed like half the menu. Entree, main, pappadums, naan, raita, lime pickle and drinks...

Ugh. I am so full... It was tasty, but omg, did we really need that? I'm not going to need to eat for a week!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Name that Teddy!

There's a Teddy here, cute as can be. Functional too! You can take his tummy out and put in the microwave. It's a hear pack! He was mine but was adopted by Jensen at 2am the other night. Once he worked out he was a "warm Teddy" the only time I can have him is to put him in the microwave and heat him up!!

However, he/she has no name. Jensen's other 2 teddies do.. PJ - so named coz that's what's embroidered on his foot, and Wanda - I have no idea how Wanda got his name... It something Jensen came up with all on his own.

Right about now i'd post a photo of what the bear looks like, but Internet technical difficulties are making it too difficult. So maybe tomorrow..

Now. I'd like you to come up with names for the Teddy, I'll put the to Jensen and he can decide! I'd make it an official
Competiton,but I have no prizes. You'll just have to make do with the satisfaction knowing you named the bear!

It's gotta be something we can all remember and something a 2yo can say, and isn't going to regret calling him that (like I do with my Teddy... Yep! He's still around!)

So, let's hear it!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Ok... Did you know, I lost all Jensen's baby photos? Wedding photos. Honeymoon photos.  


Well, I did a search today on the husbands computer, and guess what?! Hidden there somewhere, HEY PRESTO!!

They are safe!! I've backed them up now,  just gotta back them up again somewhere else.

Except I dragged and dropped from the search window, and now they're all out of order.

However, they are safe!

I'll post some tomorrow.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The best comments

I was sitting at The Coffee Club. By myself with Jensen sleeping in a pram. 
A man with busy Merv Hughes type mustache sits at the next table. 
My mum arrives. 
We order our drinks and wait. And wait. And wait. The the "duty manager" service chickee wastes her time chatting to the mustache man. Gets him his drink in a different cup.
We're still waiting! 20 minutes for coffee, is that normal?

Finally, coffee arrives (I don't drink coffee, but you get the idea). 
Jensen wakes up - what timing!
Mustache man asks how old Jensen is, as I turn the pram around so I can see him.  Obviously, he didn't hear me, and asked how old he was again. 

Then he asks.... "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?" I grinned a sheepish grin and told him. 
"Oh good!" he says "Because I thought you looked, and don't take this the wrong way, 16 or 17!"

At the beginning of semester at uni, someone asked me if I graduated high school last year.  When I started my job in 2009, they asked me the same thing.

Really?! I think I look my age! However, I am happy to look younger, but how much younger? Isn't 17 a bit of a stretch?

Have you ever had a comment like this? Much difference in age between what you were and how old they thought you were? Older or younger?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

I made this one todays motto, and made the most of it : 

Monday, 21 June 2010

A Housewife Rant

ARGH! This door mat job does not pay well.

Currently, I am a mother, housewife, student and employee. The first three change positions regularly. The housewife position does seem to be on top most times though... that sounded really odd, but it was meant in the most innocent way.

Today's bitch session is about the housewife/mother part of the job description. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mother (and will do it again in the next few years hopefully!) But a lot of the time it's more like single parent than being the mummy half of 'mummy & daddy'.

I work 35 hours a fortnight - not much I know, but I work every 2nd saturday and sunday 7am -2pm. I work every Thursday night 230pm - 10pm. I work every 2nd Wednesday (the Wednesday after the weekend worked, iykwim) 230pm - 10pm.  So everytime husband complains that he has to go to work and he's running late, or he comes home and bitches he's tired - he's had a big day don't you know.... I do feel sympathy. But if I complain that I'm tired it's a different story. I don't work like he does. I don't do anything through the day. The house is still a mess, so you can't have done anything.
Well, lets see.  Take a Thursday for example. Thursday's this semester just gone, I'm up before 630, made a daycare lunchbox and a work lunch, gotten J up and dressed, tried to feed him some breakfast while making mine and the husbands, trying to eat it and be dressed and out of the house for daycare by 715 and be at uni by 8 for class. Home again by 11, clean the house, make dinner, try and eat some lunch before leaving again for work at 2pm. Work til 10. Brain wont switch off til about 1130. 

Yep. I'm tired. The Wednesdays are pretty much the same, except I have less time to be at home before leaving for work.

BUT the husband continues to bitch. I asked him the other night to do the dishes, but some veges were still in the steamer. I asked him to put them away as well, as technically, it's part of the dishes.  He argued no. I argued yes. Somehow, I won. Wish I knew how so I can win again next time. He actually DID the dishes! Now folks, this is a rare, nay - freak occurrence and is not likely to occur again anytime soon in the next 3-6 months. It takes months of effort to make this husband do housework. You've heard it here first.

Last night he's not feeling well, so I make him a lemon tea. Ok, now I need help with my exam interview that I have today. At first, he doesn't want to help... Why help your wife with the exam that if she doesn't pass can't go on prac next semester? Finally, he gives in. Probably because I'm asking in the ads while he watches tv. Only, he's being a total wanker answering the questions. One of the questions I asked was "when do you notice the wheeze?"  His answer? "When I breathe in." Fucking hell, I know that. I'm not that much of a stupid student nurse. When it's cold? When you have an allergic reaction? After vigorous exercise? Most people aren't this mean Andrew....

Oh, and when I ask you 5 times to take the bin out because it's full... um, IT'S FULL. TAKE THE BIN OUT! Why do you now think that I have another makeshift bin hanging off the pantry door? And if your dirty snotty tissues don't fit in the bin anymore do you think it's time to take the bin out? Don't leave 2 coffee cups on the lounge room floor. Put your dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket. No basket in the en suite? There's one in Jensen's bathroom. OR heck, even the basket in the laundry.

Try to look interested when we're at the miniature train for our son to have a turn on them. Don't stand back there when he's coming past waving at you. Make an effort.

Don't sook about "my dad had no time for me when we were kids coz he was always marking, and I don't want to be like that to my son..." He was a teacher. You're a mechanic. You work business hours. Don't bitch about it and then lie on the couch all afternoon.

Don't complain that when Jensen crawls into our bed at 3am and steals the blankets. (he doesn't he sleeps ON the blanket but it has the same effect) Let him crawl into bed. Then, when he's asleep again, take him back to his own bed. I'm not the only one with a pair of legs at that hour of the morning. I don't do it because I'm not his only parent. You have a brain that does  think logically like that - use it. Don't get up and move beds because he's taking up ours, take him to his own room.  Also, Possum Magic can not be read at breakneck speed. It's not that you read him a book, it's how you read it to him. Take the time. He's only little once.

And when I ask, is there anything you need when I go grocery shopping... "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer, especially when I get home 2 hours later and "Oh! Did you get such-and-such?" NO coz you didn't tell me, and despite everything, I'm not  a freaking mind reader.

I can't imagine what the house would look like if I wasn't here.  They'd be eating takeaway, wearing dirty clothes in a dirty house. Probably because neither of them know where the broom is, what our mop looks like (it's one of those one's with the removable/washable pad thing) or how to work the washing machine.

I don't ask for much, but a little respect would be fantastic. To come home from somewhere and have the house spick and span - and not from my doing.

rant over :) Thanks for hanging in there... You deserve a cuppa... or another one coz you may have sat down with one, but you either drank it or it went cold. ;)

Sunday, 20 June 2010


I am so totally peeved with technology at the moment!! For the last week, I've been blogging from my iPhone because 3G is faster than 56kb/s (if only just). The laptop is being incredibly slow, even when not trying to perform Internet functions - it shouldn't take that long to load solitaire. The external drive sh@t itself when I was about to backup, so I've lost all Jensens baby photos. Fingers crossed the IT guys have magic fingers and recover it all. Tonight, I sneezed when holding a cup of tea and I spilt it over my laptop and screwed it. Thankfully, the magic of the heater fixed it and it works again... But the see the first laptop comment. Even my iPhone gives me grief. Here I am, madly trying to type away and itits typing words that I didn't press the keys for... Eg: for 'words' in that sentence. It came up with IRS... ???

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being technology free , or at least invent something that stores information that isnt going to fail

Great... Now even blogger is having issues with my iPhone!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Garage Sale

Sick of hearing me whinge about my kid? I'm sick of whinging about him - coz I love him to pieces and I know it'll pass.

So. I have  a secret. I love a bargain. Can't just be a bargain though, it has to be a GOOD bargain! Bargains are good too though :)

I also love garage sales !  Jensen and I went to 3 today. I cold have gone to more, but we were walking, and they'd have to have been in walking distance. 

One had a little train set we bought for Jensen for $1 {because he needs more toys - I think I might add it to the pile to be sent to mums for her toy stash!}

The next was at a nursing home {the one I work at, actually!}. They have a "garage sale" of sorts - and today everything was 1/2 price! {see, that's a good bargain!}

I bought some flannelette pj pants that wont fit me, purely to cut them up to make pants for Jensen, a skirt for work/uni placement, a saucepan - for the sole purpose of me attempting to make soap, a giant teacup - coz I'm sick of three mouthfuls and it's gone and 2 tupperware spice jars.

I was told about another garage sale, that was on my way home by someone. When I got there, there was a $2 table, a $1 table, a 50c table and a 20c table.  I could have bought a juicer for $2, but what would I juice? Instead, on the 20c table were 5 popper holders. You know, the ones you put poppers {juice box, etc... what else are poppers called?} in? 5 x 20c = $1 bargain! He said I could have them all for 20c! Nice!  Also, I saw a spice rack. I've been wanting a spice rack for years! It was mine! Another 20c! 

Finally on our way home, pram laden with goodies. All for a bargain of $5.90.

I should have made a better dent at the nursing home, but meh. :) Happy with my bargains!

btw, the table was once a garage sale bargain! 

Friday, 18 June 2010


No, not that kinda quickie... ;)

to follow on from the other night's bedtime tantrum, there was another again tonight. It was no where near as major, but he'd only had 20 mins nap today... Totally overtired.
{He ate dinner though! Lamb cutlet,  steamed broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini}

The fourth time I put him back to bed - 2 stories, prayers and held his hand until he fell asleep. He's stopped asking me to lie down with him. His bed is too small. It's bigger than a toddler bed, but smaller than a single. No room for me!

He's always up at 5am, so lets see if he sleeps in tomorrow!

Have a fantastic night/day!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I hate exams.. Always have. And who doesn't?!?
I have always prided {is that a word?} myself on being a crammer, not a study-er.
The three mid-semester exams, I crammed for - one of which was only for 30mins before the exam - and I passed them all. This time round, only 2 exams and an "interview" of sorts. I crammed for the first and it wasn't as bad as I thought {time will tell though, 3wks until the results are back}. This exam - Anatomy and Physiology - I crammed for 2 days, I did look at it before then though. Sat the exam today and NOTHING I looked at today or yesterday was on the exam... Nothing is an overstatement, I did know some stuff. The short answer section -worth 40marks -oh dear. I wrote something for each question but I doubt it was the answer he is after. Maybe it's a bit right and I get half marks?

At one point I thought I was going to throw up.
I left the exam room with half an hour to go, there was absolutely nothing that was going to come to me in that last half hour.

I may be resitting that exam NEXT year :( I so hope not. I passed the last exam and all the in lab quizzes, so hopefully I've done enough of a good job on this exam to be going go second semester anatomy... Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I honestly thought I could get through the "terrible two's" with no tantrums (from J, not me). Then I was told it's not the terrible twos, it's the three's...

Well, if this is what the three's are going to be like, God help us. Holy bleepin' moly. The incredibly overtired 2yo I picked up from daycare fought me tooth and nail just to have a bath (he didn't want to get in). Refused to eat dinner. Mucked about during the 'sit down and have quiet' time. Got sent to bed (715pm). Came out twice. Husband relented and let him lie down on his fold out couch. I swore he was asleep until husband started to make drooling noises at the 'women wrestlers' on ten HD. Since then, so for the past 45 mins it's been non stop tAntrum.

Oh wait... can you hear that?? It's silence!! Almost an hour that went on for. ;(

I was going to get excited and say 2mths, 1 day til his birthday... Now I'm dreading the 3yo tantrums, and already anticipating the teenage ones...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

I had a big post written - on my iPhone notepad - ready to be retyped and posted, butvexam stress is getting to me!!

For some reason, my brain has not full comprehended (is that a word?) that I have an exam tuesday at 530pm. Or one Thursday at the same time. When I try to read to study, it's all just words and it doesn't make sense :(

So right now the *plan* is to *try* to get some sleep and wake up early to study... Would be so much easier if J was in daycare tomorrow, but he's not. Fingers crossed I retain some valuable information tomorrow afternoon...

I just have to breathe through this and remember that come 3pm Monday, holidays start....

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Boy Is Mine

How the boy is mine ... :)

How J is like me - 
blonde hair
blue eyes
pale skin
set a lungs to scream fantastically loud
falls alseep on his tummy
sleeps with a teddy bear
omg - temper!

I'm sure there is more 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Creepy teddy

When I got home from work on Thursday night (at 10pm), I found Jensen asleep in our bed. I quickly jumped into the  shower and when I emerged from the en suite, I was greeted by the wandering eyes of Wanda (the teddy bear). Creepy because I don't remember him sitting up like that when I went into the bathroom....

Friday, 11 June 2010


You weren't expecting me to be having an ultrasound! There was no announcement, no need for an ultrasound!

But, it's not a pregnancy ultrasound :(

It was for my breasts!

Breasts! Yep! You heard it here first! There have been posts lately on S E X....

Well, here's mine on breasts (or whatever you call them !).

WARNING! May be a bit personal....

Last month, I was lying in bed - first thing in the morning - and thought "oh, must breast check". Anyway, I did and found a lump. 
I took my hand away, I checked again. Found it again. Now, a little more worried I asked the husband to see if he could feel it. He could feel it too.

Made a doctors appointment. She checked and checked again. I don't think she was worried. Has given me a referral for a breast ultrasound. 

Originally, I was freaked out that I even had to have the referral. That lasted about a week.

I left the referral on the fridge. My dad was read it. Creepy.


I had the scan today, but it's all clear! 

I just needed to share this good news with you !

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Oh, the hype

Sounds sarcastic, doesn't it?

Well, it is. This morning all I could think of was "10 am - uni timetabling opens! Must get THE best timetable I can!" So, picture me, sitting at the kitchen table, cup of tea to one side, finger poised on the mouse waiting, waiting, waiting at 930. Longest half hour of my life! Nervous anticipation - exciting!

Timetabling opens. Bang, I'm in there! There's a lecture on a Friday! 12pm-1pm. Then an hour tutorial for the same subject right after! There's 2 1pm classes, 2 x 2pm classes, a 4pm, a 5pm and I think even a 6pm.  Seriously though, who'd come to a 12 o'clock lecture and have to come back 2 or 3 hours later for a tutorial? I reckon everyone wants in on the first tutorial out.

Lucky for me, I'm successful! I even have friends in that class! Awesome  { This semester I had to make friends in class , well, I'm sure we all did - we were all new ;) }

I only have one class every 2nd Thursday morning, but thats fine. Other than that, a full day Monday, half day Wednesday, 2hours on Friday. piece of cake! Now, to pass this semester first!

Well. Timetabling over in 5 minutes.  All that nervous anticipation, and it's over before you know it... I'm sure I've had that feeling before! ;)

What the hell do I do now? It's only 10:05. Don't start work til 230... No friends on Facebook OR twitter. Can't think of anything to blog about just yet. Meh, some house work. Towels washed and hung out. Clothes brought in. Floor swept. Dishes done and put away. Toys packed up. Jensens's bed made and room rearranged - just because.

I even cleaned out and tidied my Tupperware cupboard.  All that hype, and only 5 mins of effort , however - > now stress free satisfaction !

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

How do you tell someone...

Ever wanted to tell someone something, just don't know how? Me either. I was going to ask you ! ;)
{ I'd love to elaborate on some details here, but you'll have to wait until I'm ready to admit them to the world ;)  }

I was a terrible teenager. If I get back half as much as what I gave my mother, I'm in for a hell of a time with J as a teen. Both hubby and I were troubled teens, so God help J. Least we'll know signs to look out for.

Back on topic, I was horrible to my mother. Not so much my dad. 

Late primary school/early high school, my parents made it official and separated & divorced. Dad went home to his mum, mum seemed to soldier on.  However, one night I had a particularly nasty argument and packed up all my things and the next day moved out to live with my dad ( and grandma). Perhaps it was because I had no boundaries to push living with dad that I stayed there. I did have to travel heaps to get to school (up at 5am to catch the 6am train so I could get to school - two trains in total - by 845am). Whatever the reason, the closer I got to graduating high school the more I realised I should have been nicer to my mum.

We should have been friends. Or at least got along.

At uni this year, one subject had us research a topic (there were 10 to chose from) and present a 20 minute presentation. My group chose Divorce and the affects on the family unit. 

I can tell you, with the most profound sadness, that I absolutely regret how I treated my mum. I realised it was when I was in my teen years when I was giving my mum all that grief, that that was when she needed me the most. As the oldest of two children, I now believe that it was then mum needed me to step up and assist her. 

How can I ever tell her that I'm so very sorry for how I treated her? She has told me, years ago, that she forgives me but will never be able to forget. Now more than ever do I understand.  I will never be able to forget OR forgive myself.

Mum. I'm so sorry. 

I'd love to write her a letter and leave it for her to read on her own, but have no idea what to write or how to write without crying. 

For now, hopefully one day, she'll stumble across my blog and read this...

Just a side note. This was written without editing. I wrote. I posted. It's in the *raw*, as it were.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Monday, 7 June 2010


Ah, what's a 2nd post  for today? :D

Inspired by Brenda at MummyTime's iHappy post - guess what? 

iHappy too! Maybe not quite as addicted to my iPhone as I should be, I would be lost without it. And I take lots of photos on it!

Here are some from the last month  - Enjoy!

My sister and I :)

J at the waterfront

He sleeps!

My guitar hero xx

The sunset driving to the first aid course

$10 I won from the husband for winning a bet!

My toe socks have become gloves....

New pegs and peg basket :) Something husband bought for me ! lol