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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Happy Birthday!! Where to score birthday awesomeness!

Who doesn't like free things?! Free Food?!

I have created a post over on my sister site Mum Made Mine, check it out! You know you want to! 

I spent a few hours trekking around a local shopping centre, redeeming birthday foods.
Obviously I couldn't eat them all at once, so my freezer became my friend! 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

September 1 - 7 2014

September 2

Nothing reminds me how much I hate running like couch 2 5k, and it's only week 1...

September 5
I really dislike calling about student absences. I just hate when he's home sick. He's been off school more in one semester this year than the entire year last year. Jensen did have high temps, now he's cold and just slept for 2 hours under his blanket, wearing pajamas and a dressing gown. And then was dry reaching in the shower. :(

 I hate that Eden takes my 10 min of me-time as such a huge rejection. Far out, it's 10 minutes.
frown emotico

September 7
Happy Father's Day to Andrew (and my dad and father in law and all the dads)! (Here is a pic of my dad with my kids)

September 8
Jensen: Why is it "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"? (referring to Meghan Trainor's 'All About That Bass')
Me: Well, she's saying everyone is perfect.
Jensen: Well, nearly everyone.
Me: Why? Who is not perfect?
Jensen: Patrick.

Poor Patrick, whoever he is...

September 10 
School Concert: My little performer!

September 12 
Garage Sale tomorrow... So much stuff. I'm overwhelmed with how I'm going to organise it all. Eden must think all her christmases have come all at once, she's having a ball playing with the toys...

September 13
Ah, I miss Little Athletics. Shame my son doesn't have the same appreciation for it.

I miss Little Athletics. I loved it, even losing every running race. Seems that trait runs in the family. ‪#‎dontlethissmilefoolyou‬ ‪#‎imprettysurehehatesit‬‪#‎littleathleticsqueensland‬
I'm 150% sure he won't come back! He's upset cos he ran last, he head planted during hurdles and they had to lower the bar for him to jump it on the 3rd try. He refused to have another go after that. Just long jump to go! I'm trying to get him into something, he's too sedentary, too sensitive and is almost on par with Eden as a drama queen

September 14
 I tried, I'm still upset about mine.

Family camp oven time!

Andrew built a fire pit!!

September 16

Yesterday's school pick up
 She was thinking "Stop taking pictures of me" because that's what she was saying smile emoticon

Mr 7 needed new shoes. We unintentionally bought black with red laces, just like dad's!

I hate doorknockers. Just coz the dog barks at the door because you're there, does not mean I'm going to open it. I was focused on this assignment until you pressed the never-ending doorbell.

We grew more carrot! Decently sized this time! Eden ate the biggest one, and right up to the green! Normally she makes a fuss about the carrot tops (on store-bought carrots), but this one must have been really good! The other 3 are for Jensen's lunch tomorrow

September 17

"No milo on your oats this morning." Instead we used this recipe as our home-made milo. It's a hit :) ‪#‎nofilter‬ ‪#‎nnam‬ ‪#homemademilo‬     They actually like the stuff we made, we call it "chocolate nuts". They won't drink it in place of milo, but like it on their oats. She was happier when I let her put her own on.

Dear Santa. I would like a new car. Thanks.  (Apparently the starter motor wants attention this time.)

Awesome report from the parent - teacher interview!

September 18
Aaaaand we wait for RACQ...

September 19
Uni buddy

I love school holidays! Shame I have a 2500 word assignment and poster to complete by the week after. Holiday + assignments = stress!

September 20
My kids are up early, playing Lego nicely with each other! It's a work day for me, so who knows how long their peace will last!

That's a 2nd person who's asked me if I'm the RN on today. *sigh* No. It hurts when they ask, feels like it's never going to happen cry emoticon

Kids are happily watching a movie. This is the company I get... To be fair, he did have trouble sleeping the night before.

September 21
Scored myself a free cannula and fancy backless dress. Possible pneumothorax. Turns out it's costochrondritis. I had hurt myself coughing about 2 months ago. Today I sneezed. Hello agony!

September 22
Just checked Jensen's school banking dollarmite account. Holy moly, he has more savings than me!

September 23
He is so happy that he trapped my mouse! ‪#‎mousetrap‬‪#‎schoolholidayfun‬

This kid has a the true monopoly going on here! I owe him AND the board! ‪#‎monopolyjunior‬ ‪#‎schoolholidayfun‬

Jensen made lasagne for dinner!

Anyone else find reading text speak insulting? I went to school, surely they did.

September 24

She hated every minute, despite asking to play it.

Still 2000 words left to write. For a moment, I thought I knew what I had to write. Then my brain said "TIRED! Can't focus!" I did work out that if I achieve 200 words per day, I will be finished with enough days remaining to proof-read and edit before submission.

September 26
Today's uni buddies. Lego, snacks, iPad and MacBook at the ready for quiet distraction. ‪#‎schoolholidayfun‬

Fantastic well behaved kids at uni. Horrible fighting brats the minute we walk in the front door at home. *sigh* save me

Hair appointment with complimentary cup of tea. Local and great service! ‪#‎pretend play‬

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day care drop off

Dropped E off at daycare this morning. She got into the grounds and a little girl called out her name and ran over to her and they hugged each other. OMG, I didn't realise she had an actual friend, I thought she just played with everyone. She does talk about a little girl (assumedly this one) and a boy.

As I was leaving, another little girl comes over and starts telling me she's 3 and asking questions (like where did I get my sneakers...). E says something (must have been the little girls name) and then states "but I don't like her."


I told her it wasn't nice to say that. I don't remember what the little girls reaction was, but I feel sorry for her.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

I was watching out the corner of my eye in the rear view mirror at E. My brain, some strange random reason, didn't look at  her lips, I *saw* them. They are still tiny and chubby, while she outgrows her baby face.

Friday, 5 September 2014

AAAANNNNNDDDD I'm back (again)

I'm back

I have no idea what I've been doing, but I have been thinking I need to be back..

I need a place to vent, to let go, to remind myself there is a part of me other than mother/ wife/ student/ employee. To record and reminisce.

I can't remember what has happened since July, but what I do know is...

J is trying out ballet for a term. (now wants to do little athletics - only today he was sick home from school {again}, little a's is tomorrow and I'm not risking it).

Third year nursing degree is HARD.  I'm over it. Not the difficulty - the fact that this is my 5th year. I'm done. I sorta want to quit. Technically, there's one year and 1/2 a semester left. But far out. It's too long. In the grand scheme of things, its only a little bit of my life. Still. It feels like forever away.

I want out of this house, soon. We are nowhere near deposit ready, but we are so ready to have our own place. Things are done my in laws way, not ours.  I just want to put things/do things/leave things etc my way, how I want. I only wanted to be here 1 year. This November marks 2 years. The way things are going deposit-wise, it's looking like another 2 years. I don't know if I can do that. HOWEVER, if it does take that long, I will be (hopefully) registered and working for a year by then and it will be more money and decent hours of employment.

Sometimes it's hard to look that far into the future. The prize is there, just it's so hard to see.

I have started eating more healthy (around 85% paleo again) since the 1st of this month. I need to shift this weight. I want to remove 10kg by Christmas. That will bring me to a weight I will be comfortable with (that I've been trying to get to since 2008). I won't be in the 'healthy weight range' bracket that health professionals want you to be at, but I'll look and feel better.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

25 - 31 August 2014

25 August

Eden wrote her name #threenager

She had another go. Much more focused!

26 August
an hour and a half early for my computer lab. Boring. Guess I'll work on this assignment.

27 August
Jensen just said to me : "I like your expression!" Turns out I was smiling... I'm not sure how to take that...

Oh, come on Apple. This is a joke. I have only just had this problem fixed last month..... AND I have an assignment due Friday. NOT happy

28 August
Another trip booked to the Genius Bar at the Apple store tomorrow  stupid MacBook.

29 August
Thank God it's Friday. Assignment draft submitted, even with all the drama (including ms word drama at 5am on Robert's laptop). Now to sort of my laptop out.

So, apparently, I need parkrun barcodes for tomorrow...

30 August
Park run (walk) time: 56:47. I'm obviously unaccustomed to walking, coz now my legs ache.

31 August
It begins!
Swimming season is nearly here!

My board game buddy

Saturday, 23 August 2014

15-23 August 2014

15 August:
Another day off for Jensen, though I would have sent him. So, then, no uni for me either. This assignment is never going to get done.

16 August:
17 August:
Eden, in her delirium last night, was telling me about Megan and her baby. Apparently she watched Cars movie there. Today, this same Megan has " a baby in her tummy". She is adamant that there is a Megan. My brain is in sick mode - who IS this Megan??

24mini cupcakes, badly iced for J's birthday tomorrow at school #7thbirthday

Fever Eden keeps muttering and saying weird things. She's awake, but "Jensen needs to move over" (he's in his own bed) and "what did you say, mum?" (When I said nothing) is kinda freaking me out. I already think I can hear things outside.

18 August:
Good thing I was feeling better by last night, because Eden was a nightmare. At one point she couldn't remember where pillows went. Right now, she's having a chat to someone, while she sleeps at the end I'd the bed (coz, remember, that's where pillows go). Please, world, be kind today

Poster, Lego shirt, Jedi shirt, skylander, bell and bicycle seat, Lego movie, Lego Star Wars game, and a plush Spider-Man (which has been claimed by E). #happy7thbirthday #ibuypresentsthroughtheyearandforget


19 August
This assignment is bat-shit boring.

20 August
Not a happy camper

Jensen was going to go to Book week as Harry Potter... We have glasses and a tie, and I can draw a scar - but what else does he need??

Next year, I will not leave book week dress up til the night before...

Can you guess what he's going as for #bookweek ?

22 August

23 August
Excuse the stupid look on my face, I was kinda burning. #hottea #hospitalvisit
Never ever muck around with (and behind) your husband
with a freshly boiled hot cup of tea in your hand.
 This is what happens.
You have been warned.