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Monday, 29 August 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 11

365 day photo challenge - day 11 - August 29, 2011

Finally! A nice one of Jensen!

365 day photo challenge - day 10

365 day photo challenge - day 10 - August 28, 2011

It really was a challenge to choose today's photo. We went on a drive around Tamborine to test out the new cameras and these are some of the best !

Pop (with his new camera) and Jensen

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365 day photo challenge - day 09

365 day photo challenge - day 09 - August 27, 2011
This is what I think of your rice cereal... I'd rather eat my bib!

Friday, 26 August 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 08

365 day photo challenge - day 08 - August 26, 2011

My grandma and Eden

365 day photo challenge - day 07

365 day photo challenge - day 07 - August 25, 2011

licking the wind that was blowing in her face

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 06

365 day photo challenge - day 06 - August 24, 2011
PJ Bear

365 day photo challenge - day 05

365 day photo challenge - day 05 - August 22, 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 04

365 day photo challenge - day 04 - August 21, 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 03

365 day photo challenge - day 03 - August 20, 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 02

365 day photo challenge - day 02 - August 19, 2011

365 day photo challenge - day 01

365 day photo challenge - day 01 - August 18, 2011

Eden (5 months), my Oma, and Jensen (4yrs)

recipe for lip balm and body scrub

while trying to find the recipe for lip balm that I made for my secret santa last year (not sure if she liked it, she said she did, but who knows) I realised I posted pics of the finished product, but not the actual recipe...

Here is the blogpost for it, and here are the recipes!

(direct from a Tupperware Recipe sheet! Not quite sure how you'd do it without the Tupperware though... but don't let that stop you )

Coconut Lip Balm
Makes : 80g
Prep : 5 minutes
20g Aloe Vera Gel
20g Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
40g Coconut Oil

Method (as on the Tupperware recipe sheet)
Measure ingredients with digital scales, placing them in the Tupperwave 1 litre jug. Mix ingredients together with spatula until well combined.

Cover jug and microwave on medium (500 watts) for 2 minutes. Stir with the spatula until smooth.

Let balm cool slightly. Pour a portion of the balm into the Travel Accessories Creme Jar and the remainder can be poured into a TupperCare Snack Cup. Let the balmcool completely and then apply to the lips as often as required.

Makes : approximately 300ml
Prep : 5 minutes
20g sea salt flakes
40g brown sugar
40g sorbolene creme
15g 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10g honey (at room temperature)

Using digital scales, measure ingredients and placing them in the Quick Chef II, with the paddle whisk attachment. Cover and process until combined.

Using a spatula, remove excess contents from the sides of the Quick Chef II. Scrub should be slightly runny in consistency.

Apply a small amount to desired area (hands, feet, knees, heels or elbows) and gently massage in a circular motion. Leave mixture on the skin for 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Use on a weekly basis to keep skin velvety smooth.

Birthday Cake

I am ever so proud of the awesome cake I made for Jensen's 4th birthday party! Before I show you each step, I thought I'd show off my lil man!
Jensen on his new scooter
Ok, cake time!
First, a stop for coffee (and baby chino) while shopping for supplies

my cake pans

In the oven! BUT.... I forgot the eggs! Out of the oven it comes!
Mixing again, this time, with eggs

much better, this time definitely ready for the oven


starting the galleon

added some decks

shaping the ship

pinning them in place
started the icing


Party time!
Does any one know how I can rotate this? 

Eden & I walked Jensen to daycare this morning & it was windy!. Eden decided the best way to take advantage of the new sensation (the wind) was to lick it.
2 month (6 week) needles, Eden's left leg came up in a massive welt that was a ball, and a mark that spread out across her thigh, high temp and very sensitive in that whole thigh, cranky in general. 

I took pictures so I when she went for her 4 month needles, I could show the nurse. I had to see the dr for it specifically (instead of just the "is she fine?" "yep" "ok, needles"). We were told to stay after for 15 mins to check for any other reaction. Specific vaccinations go into specific legs (ie: vaccination X goes into left leg, vaccination Y into right leg), so they were keen to watch the left leg. No reaction in the left leg, but a similar reaction in the right leg and a whole body rash with a slight rise in temp. Dr seems to think that it's because she was in a room with a heater, then because we sat in the room with the heater. So, we moved to a room with no heater, and still the rash remained. But they're sending us to the Mater for the next vaccinations.

I joined a gym when Eden was 7 weeks, but was only going once or twice a week to the classes. I haven't gone every week coz there have been weeks one or both (or one then the other) kids were sick. Same last week, Eden had a really green nose and they told me, without actually saying it, she can't come back it til it's cleared. It cleared, but now she's got this horrible cough.

She finally went to her own room the other day. She was supposed to go on Thursday, but the cough sounded croup-y again and I wanted her near me. Friday night she was there, and woke once. Saturday was J's birthday party and instead of her 3 naps that are normally between 1-1.5hr, she had one nap for half an hour. all day. That was it. Then woke 8+ times (I lost count after 4 and Andrew got up to her 4 times). Slept ok last night, woke once at 4:30. Monday night had 2 wake ups and I dragged her back to our room coz she wouldn't let me put her back to bed coz she kept feeding, and it's cold down there. As soon as the feed was over though, back to her room she went. Last night, 4 wake ups, there seems to be no consistency. 

Rolling happened about 2 weeks ago, but she's not happy being on the floor at all. If she's on the floor, you've gotta be there too. Just will not amuse herself. Prefers to sit. She's unsteady but she can sit there! Can't leave her coz she'll fall to the side, but sometimes to can see her put her hand out to stop herself, which does nothing coz she doesn't put pressure on it. BUT, I filmed the first roll over, so I'll work out how to put that up and you can see.

No solids here, but boy, is she ready! She was probably ready about 3 weeks ago, but I want to wait it out til 6 months ( I'll speak to a dr or nurse about it on Friday) as she has reaction to her vaccination and they bind those with all sorts of things like egg and dairy and latex. We're booked in for a special vaccination clinic at the Mater for the next lot.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday 4th birthday,  lil man!

I can't believe that 4 years ago, I held you in my arms. I honestly couldn't believe you were mine. I even think Daddy had a little happy cry when he met you.

I love you so 'very much much special much much' Jensen.

Hope you enjoy your day! xx

Love you, love Mummy

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Excuse the in-your-face chest hair... but I had to share this photo of Eden and Andrew.

 Check out my new hair clips ! They're from Rockabilly Bling Bowtique. The 3rd picture is a set that will form part of my friends' daughter's 1st birthday present. I currently in love with handmade stuff!

This one will be for me to wear to Jensen's pirate party on the weekend!

This one I bought, just coz I thought it looked good!
These will be for Matilda's 1st birthday! Hope she (and mummy, Hannah) like them!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

365 day photo challenge

Stay tuned here for a 365 day photo challenge. 

Not only is it a challenge for me to take a photo each day, but for me to blog it each day.

Then. What do I take a photo of? Random stuff? The kids? Together or separate?  If I chose the kids, and separate, is it one photo of one kid one day, the next the other? Or have 2 challenges going - one for each kid - essentially 2 challenges.

Anyway. It's coming.

It all starts AUGUST 18, 2011. Watch this space!
I think Eden is getting Croup again :( I can hear the bounce in her cough. At least the snot is no longer fluoro.

However, whether green snot or croup, she's not able to go back to the gym creche til she's better. I'm not a self motivator at the gym, so the idea of going on my own to work out on my own is pretty much not going to happen. All the classes I want to go to are never after Andrew gets home (and, as mentioned in a previous post, Eden wont take a bottle), or ridiculously early in the morning. Sorry, not doing a Pump class at 5:30am.

I was actually gearing up to go more often. Now she's sick again ! grrr.

Eden also had an allergic reaction to her 8 week (2 months) vaccination, as well as her 16 week (4 month) vaccinations. Different reactions to different vaccines, so they're not sure what she's actually allergic to. So for her 24 week (6 month) vaccinations, we have to go to a special clinic.

birthday cake


Jensen, my lil man, turns FOUR in 2 sleeps. He wants a pirate ship cake.
I sure I can whip up a cake.
Put it into some sort of shape - maybe. 
Ice it - no chance in hell. My icing always fails.

I've found an idea I'm gonna give a whirl, and I know you're not supposed to set yourself up to fail but oh dear, I really hope I can do this! Party is on Saturday, so I'll have to make it Friday. Thursday is the actual birthday, and he'll want a cake for daycare. Thankfully there's only 2 other kids and the daycare lady, so I can make a small cake. And it'll be a packet mix for daycare.

Fingers crossed for me....

I'll take a pic of each of my steps  and blog them as I go.

Ready for uni

I have finally decided to put an effort in for uni. Not that I hadn't been putting in an effort, more like do something to make me feel like I was actually attending uni without actually attending..

I got a laptop.

One that WORKS.

This house now has 4 laptops (all with varying degrees of usefulness) and a desktop, and the only one that actually does what I want is my new laptop. It's not just any old laptop, it's a MacBook!

I swore that I'd never get a Mac, I just can't use it. Andrew's dad has one, and I just can't use it. I transfer photos from my memory stick to his laptop and poof! Flung off to the Mac never never. I can't ever find them.

And here we are.

Anyway, I don't actually go to lectures, as I know they're on lecture capture, and I can listen to them. Also, lectures are on in the afternoon on a Monday, a few hours after Jensen's swimming lesson. There's no way I'm dragging an overtired 3yo (he'll be 4 in 2 sleeps!! eek!) and a 4mth old finding her voice to a lecture. Just wouldn't work. For a start, the swimming wears J out, so I know he'll crash well at bedtime. Instead, if we go to uni, it'll be in the car and then there goes that idea. Plus, any noise they make will get picked up by the lecture capture mic and everyone will just get baby noise. Which is what happened to my recording of the tutorial class the other day. It's my own recording, on my phone, but all I can hear is Eden, and myself saying shhhh! shhh!

Picture of my new laptop to come, as soon as I sync my iPhone to my MacBook. Scary.

Also, I decided it was time too, as not this weekend, but next weekend is the mid-semester exam. Holy moly. I'm scared. I'm not ready. I don't understand. None of this makes sense. Why did I decide to take only 6 months off instead of 12? I know other people with kids and a job can run their household and look after their kids and go to work AND to uni can do it, but I'm failing to see that I can. I have a (almost) 4 year old - who conveniently goes to daycare 3 days a week - and a 4 month old - who is nearly 5 months old and just recently decided to learn to roll, stay awake longer and day-sleep less and wake every 2 hours and not take a bottle of breastmilk from anyone so I can attend lab (which is 5% of my grade).  

I am tired, stressing out about uni (mind you  - this is just ONE subject, next semester it'll be two), never able to keep the house clean or the fridge full of food. There's no time to study coz I'm always cleaning or cooking, or trying to spend time with the kids - they are only little once :). THEN being reminded that I need to go back to work, possibly sooner rather than later. HOW? There's no one to look after either kid when the shift that I'll want to go back for starts at 3 or 4, and the baby wont take a bottle.... I digress, I'll leave that for another rant.

Friday, 12 August 2011


Oh wow! Eden rolled for the first time! I thought she'd never get there! But today, she went from being on her back to rolling confidently to her side (not just coz she was distracted by something), to rolling from back, side and then tummy this evening !!

I even caught it on camera. I say camera loosely coz I used my iphone, and was watching Spicks and Specks at the same time so you can hear that in the background!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not happy with our local Coles Supermarket today.

Eden was screaming, starving and unable to be fed while I was at the supermaker,  and the stupid checkout boy veeeerrrryyy slowly scanned my items. Then put the laundry items in a bag - and added my deli meat and fruit and veg to the same bag. I asked him to put the laundry items in a bag on their own, and he did and he asked if I had any other laundry items. Look at the belt idiot, can you see any other laundry items? I'm the only one at your register and only have the fruit and veg left. THEN, he put my fruit and veg and deli meats into the same bag with a 900g Milo tin. OMG kid. He didn't hurry or make any effort to talk to me or hurry because this baby was SCREAMING in my ear in hysterics. The other customers were looking at me, thankfully in pity - not in "shut your baby up" kind of way. I went to say something about the tin being in with the fruit and veg (and my one very expensive banana - $1.50 for one!), but made a face, sighed and let him pack whatever the hell he wanted to in a bag, I just needed to get out of there.

I did call the manager, but he had this blase attitude. He did apologise, but it sounded insincere and all I got from him was "We'll take him off registers because he knows he needs to pack faster than that".


Back to online shopping again for a while, until I can manage a shopping trip without a crying baby or a whinging kid.

This was only one part of my eventful morning...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I was so ready to move Eden to her own room. Right up until 8:30pm - bedtime...

So, she's sleeping in her basinette beside me. She'll get there one day ;)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Tomorrow, my first lab class for the year!!Just as nervous about what's going to happen in lab as leaving Eden with Mum...