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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

2 month (6 week) needles, Eden's left leg came up in a massive welt that was a ball, and a mark that spread out across her thigh, high temp and very sensitive in that whole thigh, cranky in general. 

I took pictures so I when she went for her 4 month needles, I could show the nurse. I had to see the dr for it specifically (instead of just the "is she fine?" "yep" "ok, needles"). We were told to stay after for 15 mins to check for any other reaction. Specific vaccinations go into specific legs (ie: vaccination X goes into left leg, vaccination Y into right leg), so they were keen to watch the left leg. No reaction in the left leg, but a similar reaction in the right leg and a whole body rash with a slight rise in temp. Dr seems to think that it's because she was in a room with a heater, then because we sat in the room with the heater. So, we moved to a room with no heater, and still the rash remained. But they're sending us to the Mater for the next vaccinations.

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