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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

birthday cake


Jensen, my lil man, turns FOUR in 2 sleeps. He wants a pirate ship cake.
I sure I can whip up a cake.
Put it into some sort of shape - maybe. 
Ice it - no chance in hell. My icing always fails.

I've found an idea I'm gonna give a whirl, and I know you're not supposed to set yourself up to fail but oh dear, I really hope I can do this! Party is on Saturday, so I'll have to make it Friday. Thursday is the actual birthday, and he'll want a cake for daycare. Thankfully there's only 2 other kids and the daycare lady, so I can make a small cake. And it'll be a packet mix for daycare.

Fingers crossed for me....

I'll take a pic of each of my steps  and blog them as I go.

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