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Friday, 8 April 2011

When Jensen came in this morning, he said to me :
"Nanna has an octopus and it got me and I didn't like it"
Everyone assumes the moment you have a new baby that you'll gave sleepless nights and be incredibly tired. I by-passed that... for the most part. Generally, I don't feel like I had a baby 3 weeks ago! Yes. It really has been 3 weeks. It's gone so fast.

Having Jensen home on a Friday from daycare is great. I think I miss him even more when he's at daycare than I did before Eden was born. I want him home everyday. If this money issue continues, I may just get that wish ;)

Today, though, I learnt that I'm not supermum even though I think I am.

Originally, we were going to catch the bus to the shops(from the bus station Andrew was going to drop us off at). Then I had to go to another shop, which would have to catch another bus. Then 2 buses home. It looked like being a big day, just looking at bus timetables. But it poured down rain last night, and most if today, so we borrowed the car...

We got to the shops, had a cuppa - and it started. Jensen wouldn't listen to anything I said. He wanted this, he wanted to do that. It was all made worse by the fact that he's sick at the moment too. I had to keep calling for him coz he'd run off to look at something. I had to keep reminding him to use his manners. (he walked up behind someone and said "beep beep". I could have died. how embarrassing!) Jensen wouldn't keep hold grandmas hand, he wanted to jump around like a frog. I ended up letting him do that. 3 hops and he was happy. There's more, but too much to type. All this was happening while Eden decided she hated the pram, was constantly hungry and fed most if the time we were at the shops. Next time, I take the hug-a-bub sling wrap and she goes in there and maybe then Jensen will walk properly. Or they both go in a trolley.

Eden cried most if the time I was at the other store (Grandmas Pantry). Jensen crawled under a table and banged his head. Basically, I got what I needed to get and got out of there.

Both kids fell asleep on the way home (Jensen for 5mins). I rang Andrew as I was in the area hoping he'd put some fuel in my car. I didnt ask, coz he sounded cranky. I made it home, so that worked out for me.

I had to pick up some library books, so we fit them on my way home. Eden had a feed, Jensen and I had lunch (again, me asking him to pay attention and eat). Then all I wanted was a nap, or at the very least, a rest. Eden slept, but not Jensen. Wouldnt even rest. So I had a look through my hand-me-downs for size 3 and 4 winter clothes. Jensen wanted to try stuff on and play. Finally I let him grab 2 books. A robot book and mr forgetful. Eventually, I let him get up and play, coz not even the books were keeping him on the bed. I go and make lactation cookies (recipe to come).

Finally it's time to pick Andrew up. Jensen wants me to pack up all his toys and books coz "it's too hard!" after 20 mins if telling him over and over to pick them up, I pack then up and threaten to put then in the bin. That works.

Get in the car., and it won't start coz I'm out if fuel! It's 6:15pm and it's been a loooonnggg day. Both Jensen and I have been up since 5:30am. Jensen has some dinner and Eden cluster feeds. I get nothing done before Andrew gets home.

Andrew puts Jensen to bed in our been, coz that's what he's asking for and I'm over the whinging. Jensen wants two books - the robot book and the one he "borrowed from the ibrary with the robot book". He means from the bookshelf and the book is mr forgetful. He's upset for about 5 mins coz Andrew and I have absolutely no idea what the other book is until I work out he means the robot book and mr forgetful. All is sorted.

ET face (Eden) and monkey (Jensen) are finally both fast asleep. I'm not far off (Ie: I finish this post, plug my phone on charge and I'll be asleep). To add to this long day, the tendonitiis in my left wrist has been agitated and for some strange reason I have period pain (and 3 wk post-partum, I probably shouldnt have this), and probably half my frustration with Jensen today could have been the pms associated with period pain...

I'm going to bed.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Here's hoping Jensen doesn't fall out of bed tonight...First night with no safety rail!

Friday, 1 April 2011

It's incredibly difficult to breastfeed whilst in the middle of the backseat wedged between 2 carseats while the car is moving... However, it's not impossible! Uncomfortable for 10 mins trumps a screaming baby :)
Nanna and Pop came over on Wednesday night- right at bed time, I might add- and bought Jensen 2 books. Nanna read first, then came out for cuddles with Eden. Jensen said to Pop "it's your chance to read to me now!"

They went to leave around 8pm, and Jensen got so upset. He was in tears coz he didn't want them to leave! They left and he was still so upset. I took him to my bed and told him I'd be back in in a minute to have a shower. I came back 5 mins later and he was asleep!

He had the worst nights sleep- I ended up in his bed twice coz he was having nightmares and calling out and crying in his sleep that Nanna went home!