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Monday, 30 April 2012

Super mum!

First day in the ward today. Gave my first medications and first s/c injection. Saw half of the procedure to put a drain in a pneumothorax. Got lost in the hospital labyrinth. Ended up at the morgue. Then home from prac by 4:30, dinner cooked and eaten by 5:30, baby in bed by 6:15, dishes done, kitchen and fridge cleaned and floor swept by 8pm, sleeping baby nappy changed without her waking = success! Preschooler asking to go to bed by 8:15. Being read Harry Potter, even though he's half asleep.

My back and knees ache from being on my feet all day, in shows that are comfortable for the first 4 hours of the shift (and then have 4.5hrs to go).

Andrew and I both agree, this arrangement seems to be working for us. While I dislike being away from the kids all day, it feels good knowing he can look after them and get them where they need to be. This afternoon while I cooked dinner, he took the baby for her bath, got her out, dried and dressed her. With out complaint!
Just got home, and Jensen says "excuse me, mum, me and asha are boyfriend and girlfriend at kindy". Awww, his first girlfriend!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jensen had a sleepover the other night. He went with Nanna to visit her sister who was looking after her grandson. Apparently they just played all weekend!

After picking him up driving home, it was 6pm in the analogue clock in the car. In his tired wisdom, Jensen told us it was 6 o'clock and that if you turn your head it looks like a man with a moustache... You know what? It does!
Day 2 of prac completed. Yesterday I saw screws being put into a femur, and 4 women for c-sections and 5 babies born! Amazing!
Our morning sleep in ( only coz it's ANZAC Day - lest we forget), put Eden in the floor. She toddled right down to Jensen's room and woke him up to play with her. Cheeky!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Uni update

Finally finished the crazy essay, and decided to hand it in early. Once it was handed in (Thursday), I wanted nothing to do with uni work uni placement started in Monday. A Facebook post prompted me to check my uni email -at 1045 at night on Friday- to find I needed to have brought in some paperwork to the placement officer immediately. I couldn't sleep Friday m night and got up early Saturday to work. Spent all morning at work stressing and trying to get hold of a document from the doctors, who weren't answering their phone. I sent grandma down to see if they were open, and she got them to call me. They agreed to fax me the info I needed, but then works fax wasn't accepting it. So the doctors called me back and emailed it to me. I Finally received the email and printed off what I needed photocopied my ID and scanned and emailed I all to the placement office. Ok. Now - technically - they have my paperwork before I set foot in the hospital Monday morning. Stress decreased. Sunday was cruisy until the evening when I started to worry about Monday morning.

Morning came and I was just a bundle of nerves. I turned up and didn't mention the fact my paperwork wasn't in yet, in fear of being told to go home. (if you don't attend placement - you fail, regardless of any other marks. There's always block 2, but I had daycare organised and a weeks break planned!) I checked my uni emails on my phone on my lunch break, and there was an email from
The placement officer.

Please bring your documents In when you can.

Awesome !!

The rest of the afternoon was stress free!

Friday, 20 April 2012


Getting changed, Jensen started giggling.
"What's so funny?"
"Your tummy!"
"What about my tummy is funny?"
"It's so big, I can't believe my eyes on it."