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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Well, the 2nd day went well too! He was none too impressed when I said that we were walking to school. He made it two driveways before complaining that it was too far. We used to walk the same distance every Friday to the gym where we used to live. I know he can walk it. We made it to the end of the flat part of our street, and said “you can put your bag under the pram, if you’d like”… “OH YEAH!” He was so pleased! He dawdled most of the way, but didn’t really whinge. I was impressed. Part of what I was telling him to stop whinging (before I put his bag under the pram) was that we’d drive home in the afternoon. He was disappointed when he found out we were walking home then too! Eventually the disappointment disappeared and we made it home. However, tomorrow, he tells me, we are driving. I told him we’d only drive if it was raining.  (coz we live so close to the school, it’s pointless to drive, when we can get exercise by walking). Guess what? It’s raining. If it’s raining in the morning, he gets his way! I don’t know which I’m hoping for!

Eden on the other hand, fell asleep on the way home from the school drop off (bonus! Couldn’t have asked for better timing!) and was well behaved, even if hungry and very thirsty while out shopping – for replacement food after the power went out a couple days ago and we lost 2 fridges, 2 freezers and a stand freezer full of food…. – But she fell asleep on the way to pick up Jensen from school. Then she was bouncing off the walls at bedtime.  Just would not sit still. Crazy. Finally, after putting her to bed after who knows how many times (she was no longer bouncing off the walls, but just being quiet and playing… now looking back it wasn’t that bad), I put her into her bed and walked out and shut the door. Man, she screamed and screamed and kicked the door and went crazy and then – and it only took about 3 mins – silence… Alseep behind the door. Jammed behind the door, I had to squeeze myself in there. She’s in bed now. Hopefully not another overnight wake up…

We jumped on the wii scales today. Apparently I’ve put on 2kg in 5 days. HOW!? Believe me, I don’t doubt it, but I just can’t work out WHY! And it pisses me off! 16 days out from my birthday, there’s no way I can lose 7kg by then. Or even 5 by then. 2 maybe… I just can’t work out what’s going on.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The first prep day!

Jensen loved his first day as a preppie! Made a friend named Sam, however, I never saw the name Sam anywhere. Just before I left, his teacher (mrs huge = miss hughes) asked the whole class a question (were they excited for today?) and he put his hand up. She was so surprised, that she asked him his name (my name is Jensen and I am so so excited!) and used him as an example to the other kids to put their hands up to ask something! Proud moment. No tears. Like he'd been going there for years!

The prep door has a picture of bees, each with a student in that class' name. There is no Sam...

so basically, I'm the best mum. sent my kid to school for the first time and he comes home with an imaginary friend....

My kid had the best day at school. He made an imaginary friend.

Monday, 28 January 2013

The night before Prep begins

The night before the first day of school.

My nerves are running high. I can’t imagine how Jensen must be feeling. I’m excited too, but every possible thing I could forget is running through my head.  What if I forget something? I’ve packed ALL the school books, what if he doesn’t need them right away? The poor kid has a heavy backpack! What if we’re running late? Or early? Either would bring even more nerves. What if I haven’t packed enough lunch? Too much? There’s no fridge for leftovers. (technically there’s no fridge at home, we’ve been without power since 10 past 1 this afternoon – it’s 8:44pm now)

Everything is getting to me right now…. What if, what if, what if….

I also have to get Dad to an apt by 10:10am tomorrow. Then I need to be home before 230 (so I KNOW I’m not going to be late picking up J from his first day)…

So much to think about. No one to talk to.

There is other things going round my head too, but right now, the looming first day is right at the top…

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The one where J runs away - School prep

Bought J's school uniform today! We got there, and went to the uniform shop, and we were given a shirt to try on. He panicked. He ran away. Not far, but ran away. I finally coaxed him back by saying we could try it on in the mens toilets. He tried them on, and the 2nd one he didn't want to take off! He ran off again, then I had to call him back to try on his hat.

I think he's a little excited! He starts 5 days!

I'm a little excited!
I'm a little nervous!
I'm a little overwhelmed that my baby, my first born, will be starting school.
I'm worried that he's not going to learn. Or the other kids will make fun of him, if he can read more/ understand more/ use different words than them. I don't want him to lose what he's already got going for him.

Packing lunch for Kindy was easy. Packing for Prep, is different. This is 5 days. This has no fridge. Still no nuts, even though that's now a big part of our diet. The school has asked for no muesli bars/ packaged foods/ chips etc too. A little concerned that I'm going to run out of ideas!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Night 1 of no cot. She could throw her leg over the railing and get her other foot off the mattress of the cot. So we took the side off (it's not really that type of cot, but we're seeing how it goes) and added a safety rail. So far tonight, I've put her back to bed 4 times! It's a novelty! First time, she toddled to my room and stood at the door, waited til I saw her and then grinned this huge grin! The last time, I had gotten out of the shower, and heard the squeak squeak of her toy pram. She was taking Hoot for a walk, just because she could! Pretty sure she's asleep now.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Wow, the rate the Eden is learning to say words is phenomenal!  She even said (repeated) "Happy day!" today. A phone is "Mummy ear" or "daddy ear", there is also the word "out" more like "ot", clock which unfortunately sounds like clock without the L . There are new ones, I must write them down.

Jensen seems to be becoming more and more sooky and whingey as the days pass. He has no attention span and sooks at everything. "She pinched me" "I don't want to" "I'm not tired" "Do I have to?" "I can't do it" and everything else said with the whinge tone. It is frustrating and annoying. I now have taken to saying that I can't hear him or that he's speaking another language when he whinges. He's 5, for crying out loud, and a boy as well, he should be able to suck it up and move on. I don't want a sooky boy, one that cries when he bops his arm on a chair as he walks past like he's sliced it down to the bone.

Eden squeals and tantrums like there's no tomorrow. There's no reason for it, she just does it. When she's happy, upset, bored, doesn't want to, when she's just woken up. AND she pinches her brother  while we're in the car (they sit next to each other in the car).

I need to see someone about it, they are stressing me out. I think part of it is Jensen is bored on holidays. I also think some of the whingey is that Nanna has gone on holidays overseas for 3 weeks and he's missing her. She's only been gone 3 days, god help me for the rest of the 3 weeks.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Prep prep

spare polo shirt, 4 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of school shoes were bought for Jensen today! Then his stationery was delivered! It's all getting exciting now!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bahaha! Andrew's so wasted he so romantically asked " where's your crotch?"
I really need to catch up blogging.

For now, Eden is pretending to drive a car, and Jensen is dabbing pineapple juice on everyone's sores