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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The first prep day!

Jensen loved his first day as a preppie! Made a friend named Sam, however, I never saw the name Sam anywhere. Just before I left, his teacher (mrs huge = miss hughes) asked the whole class a question (were they excited for today?) and he put his hand up. She was so surprised, that she asked him his name (my name is Jensen and I am so so excited!) and used him as an example to the other kids to put their hands up to ask something! Proud moment. No tears. Like he'd been going there for years!

The prep door has a picture of bees, each with a student in that class' name. There is no Sam...

so basically, I'm the best mum. sent my kid to school for the first time and he comes home with an imaginary friend....

My kid had the best day at school. He made an imaginary friend.

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