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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Jensen's ramblings

While we were looking at garage sales today, Jensen told me :

"If you go on the road, the police will kick you and you will die. And then you will get hit by the car. And the car will hit you like a bump and the police are going to pick you up and put you back in the car. Not the police car, but Mummy's car"

Who has been teaching my kid about police?

Friday, 26 November 2010

This baby doesn't move much :( is that a bad sign?

But- countdown til maternity leave is in!! Can't wait til January 25!
Andrew came home apparently feeling sick... Reckons he now knows what I mean by the almost pass out feeling.

Now the yard needs a freaking mow, guess I'll have to do that... And we have 2 birthday parties to go to Sunday... And he doesn't think he can go if he feels like that.

He had a headache last weekend.. Now he's sick this weekend. Perhaps he just doesn't want to spend time with us?

Exam results

Well. Exam results posted. I knew I wouldn't do well in one subject, but to see that result up there kinda makes it all real.

While everyone else moves into 2nd year, there's 2 subjects now I can't do until I pass the subject. It was a pretty important subject too. I'll have to wait til 2nd semester next year to do it again.

In a way, it's kinda good - I *have* to go part time for 2nd year. In another way, I failed an important subject and I have to repeat it.

I feel so low right now. I feel stupid. I've let myself down, and so many others. I don't actually want to tell anyone. My dad asked if I'd got my results back yet (before they were released). God only knows what I'm going to tell him when he asks again. What am I going to tell anyone?!? Who the hell wants a nurse that can't pass THAT subject?

Andrew doesn't seem to be talking to me... Whether it's this or the fact he says he's not feeling well.

With the rest of the results, I passed the boring subject, got a Credit for another and a Distinction for the subject the third. Very pleased with those results. :)

Photos from Straddie

Run for the water!!

Jensen talking about the baby :

"When the baby's happy, then it will come out!"

"Then the baby will fall over and have a hurt."

This one worried me a little: 
"The baby will want to go under the car and it will go onto the road and the car will hit it - like a bump."

"When it's born coz it's happy, it will do everything!"

"You have to get naked so you can have a shower with the baby."

He told Andrew:
"You are big, and mummy is big and pregnant and fat".           Thanks buddy.

Apparently the other day at daycare, while sitting on the toilet, he told the daycare lady
"My mummy's got a baby in her tummy and it will come out of her vagina."

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Had a long night at work.

Walked out side to leave, there's a beautiful breeze - the kind you stay up, go out side and drink beer for. Full moon reflecting off clouds. Nice moment.

Walked in the front door and find the house trashed. Dishes not done, stuff all over the bench and loungeroom floor.... Moment ruined.

Monday, 22 November 2010

OK Baby update. I'm 24 weeks (25 in 2 days). Baby is moving, but I don't think it's moving enough! Maybe I'm just way too busy to notice.  Sitting here catching up on blogging, baby's been moving, so thats a good thing :) Also, I don't think I'm "growing" either.

I don't get much heartburn, which is a good thing, and when I do, it's never for long enough to take any heartburn tablets.

I get sciatic pain regularly, running from my butt right down my right leg.

I no longer have ankles. By the end of the day, it's pretty much thigh all the way down! This actually makes my ankles feel like they're going to snap and it's really painful. I bought a feet cube foot stool thing to try and keep them up.

Adding to the pain is the pain in my pubic bone. Holy freaking moly. It hurts. It hurts to walk. It's right in the middle and feels like the bone is being ripped apart (to the left and right - like breaking open fresh bread) When I move my left leg the pain gets worse. Getting up from anywhere is incredibly painful (particularly because when I'm sitting the pain is minimal and I think  I'm a wuss for not being quicker with work or whinging about pain, then I get up and remember instantly!)

Sometimes when I take a deep breath in, it feels like I pull a muscle apart... but only on the left side.

Also, I mentioned that I might be feeling like I have antenatal depression. I do feel down, but I'm not sure whether it's hormonal, I'm tired, or uni is finished for the year and and there's an extremely  possibility I have failed a major subject. ( that may sound like I want to hear "no you didn't, I'm sure you did well"...  I've seen my marks. I'm just waiting on the official grade). But I really really really hope I pass by even the most infinitesimal scraping. Doesn't look good though.

Also - and I'm sorry mum for when you do read this - I'm so over my mum calling the baby a "girl" and calling it by girls names.  I have no idea what gender this baby is.  You are aware of this. It's very frustrating. And no. I'm not going to call it Samantha or Sasha. We have no idea on names either. I'm not trying to be rude, but if it's a boy, you're going to be devastated. I don't want you to get your hopes up. Also, when you tickle my tummy with your fingernails, even if it's lightly, it's annoying coz that's really sensitive right now.  (This isn't meant to be a vent, or go mad at you - I'm just putting it out there). I'd really like a girl too, but I'm not getting attached to the 50/50 chance it might be a girl and it turns out to be a boy. 

Almost everyone I speak to think it's going to be a boy. It's a boy coz I have swollen ankles. It's a boy coz I use my right leg to step up onto something. It's a boy coz the way I'm carrying. Could someone please guess it's going to be a girl ?
Jensen is such a big boy now. He doesn't carry on like a pork chop (a phrase he's now using!) at bed time. He even looks forward to his bedtime stories. We do read the same ones over and over again each night. I read to him his book of planets, "Who Sank The Boat?" and a book I borrowed from the library called "Mummy, Mummy, What's In Your Tummy?". Andrew will then read a shortened version of "Peter Rabbit" and "The Three Bears".

Jensen then chooses if he wants his solar system on. His music goes on regardless, and the door is half closed, toilet light down the hall way goes on and it's bed time! All this happens from 7ish and Jensen's alseep by 8!  I'm so proud of him!

He's going to make an awesome big brother! He loves to talk to the baby bump and has his dolly baby cabbage patch doll that is his own baby. He can't wait for the baby to come out so he can play with it.
ahhh.... where do I start!

We went camping last weekend (not the weekend just gone - the one before) with my sister, her husband and 2 kids, and 2 of my sisters friends... One (we'll call her L had 2 kids, the other (and we'll call her S) 1.
When we were invited to go camping by my sister it was just my sisters family, and the friend with the 2 kids.  When we were setting up the campsite, we found out the other mother and child were coming too. S had just left her husband. Apparently he'd been doing bad things (which I wont go into, and you can decide what he was doing) and she left him.
That's fine... this means I have 5 adults to practice on to prepare for my uni exam on the Monday. I should be starting to destress after my exam. Instead, I have a headache and it's worsening.
In total, there are 6 kids. 2 two-year-olds, 2 three-year-olds and 2 four-year-olds. Jensen is one of the three-year-olds and the other kids all know each other from mothers group and what-not. So the 5 kids are all playing together, but Jensen plays on his own (for the most part), coz that's what he does. One 2yo is absolutely covered in dirt. L just leaves her to play. What else is there to do, she's just going to get dirty again anyway!  While this is true, it looks terrible. My sister, L and S just leave their kids to do whatever, or see if my sisters husband knows where they are. They kept making fun of "daddy daycare" coz they just left him to look after all the kids. Finally, it's dinner time, and the kids are eating. While the adults are having dinner, the kids are allowed to play. Now. The driveway into the camp ground runs right past our campsite, and where is the most sand? In the driveway. Where are the kids playing? In the sand. It's dark. Crazy. Finally the parents give the kids torches and they run around - about a metre from me, might I add - screaming and yelling. Everyone's aware I have a headache, but do nothing to move their kids away or quieten them down. I mention that Jensen has a new routine where he goes to bed at 730.  We all decide that's a good time to put them to bed. An hour later, Jensen doesn't go to sleep, but seems ok in his tent. My sister's 2yo is asleep. L's 4yo is asleep. L's 2yo is up with a fever, but is dozing quietly on her mummy's lap. The other 3yo and my sister's 4yo, however, wont go to sleep, so they let them stay up. This seems to fuel the kids on, making noise and being silly near the fire, which is right next to our tent. About 45 mins later, I get sick of the kids being up, and the headache that is now a migraine is just too much, so I head to bed. Jensen is still awake, and now giggling at the 2 kids playing outside. Something must have happened outside, coz Andrew came to bed not much later than I did, and pretty much the others did the same.
We all took a day trip into town and while they were supposed to be following us, somehow the others got lost. We had a nice day on our own anyway :) (even though I did almost pass out at lunch time). Dinner time rolled around  and  I mentioned that Jensen will be going to bed at 730 again tonight. L said her kids  were staying up coz they just didn't want to go to bed last night. Both L and S have a kid starting with a K sound. I have no idea which kid belongs to which mother, so I just picked a name. It was the wrong kid's name I picked. I said when the two kids last night  weren't going to sleep, it just made J stay away and laugh at them. If they could just keep it down tonight. Well.  The mother who's kid it wasn't ( I know I know, it's confusing) got all up in arms coz her kids were in bed asleep, kept carrying on her kids were in bed. Yep. Fine. Whatever. I just picked the wrong kids name. I apologised and said it was just the wrong name I'd said. Both L and S said well, we're camping, so they don't have to go to bed. Well. No. You're right. We are camping, and no they don't have to go to bed. But some freaking consideration for the other people at the campsite and their kids would be extremely helpful and nice of you. Everyone had finished their dinner and had wandered off to the showers to wash the filth off their kids (coz again, they'd been playing in the sand on the driveway). I mentioned to Andrew that I was pissed off at what L had said, and that Jensen would be going to bed anway. He agreed, and he wasn't happy about the way they "looked after" their kids (basically, just let them run wild). He reckons that coz we disciplined Jensen while we were camping (and I don't mean disciplined in a harsh way, just told him off  really), they looked to us to do the same with their kids.  Anyway, they came back from the showers, and we headed off for ours. We came back (at 745) and all the kids were in bed alseep!! A win for us! HaHAHAHAHAHAHA tell me your kids wont go to sleep coz you're camping! Whether or not my sister had a word to them, I don't know. S ended up falling asleep alongside her daughter, so it was just Andrew, myself, my sister, her husband and L up. The manager of the park came round and sat with us, and the rude personal questions that L was asking him was just incredible!
In the morning (we were woken at 530 by L's kids who were squealing and carrying on... Least we had the decency to keep Jensen quiet the morning before when he woke at 545 for about 45 mins) we packed up our tent and all our stuff before breakfast, so we could just sit around and do whatever afterwards. We went down to the bbq area to have breakfast on our own, and it was so nice! You could hear the other kids screaming and carrying on. The rest of the camp ground must have been happy to see the back of us! By the time we finished our breakfast and headed back up, the others were all packing up and S had completely packed up and was leaving! L left not long after. We helped my sister and husband pack up their stuff, and we'd all left by 930.

So, what was meant to be a de-stress weekend didn't really help at all. Andrew's said we'll go back, but maybe next time with just ourselves, or my sister again, or maybe another friend who likes camping... we'll see.

We headed off to Lakeside Raceway after that. It was a massive long day/weekend, but good :)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Exam Stress

Wooo hooo!!! Exams are over!! The first 2 exams were not as difficult as I thought (although, I don't know the resutlts yet), and I was freaking out about these last two. Anatomy was freaking hard, and while I'm hopeful, I'm not overly optimisitic that I passed. This last exam was this morning at 9am and all I could worry about was going blank and not remember what happened when and what to say.

I think I did ok. I was so nervous. It was just me, my "patient" and the assessor. I hope that all that I said was right, and that I pass. Really, that's all I want. Just to pass.  It's out of 100 marks and you need 50 + marks to pass.

I cried when I got out. I think from "it's over!" to "I hope I did well". The assessor doesn't tell you how you go.

I don't find out any results for at least another 2 weeks.  All the stress will be well and truly over by then. I just hope I see 4 "pass" marks when results are released.

We went camping this weekend just gone. It will be a whole other blog post..... right after I get back from shopping! Time to destress!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Ah! 3 exams down, 1 to go. Today's exam absolutely sucked. I'm hopeful but not overly confident. I've been up 5am wednesday morning, Thursday morning and this morning. I worked 230pm - 10pm both Wednesday and Thursday night, and didn't sleep til 1130pm. Exam today at 830am. So knackered. Coulda fell asleep in the exam. I reckon I'll be repeating it next year.

With regards to Jensen's bedtime, it's still working well. Last night, Jensen got out of the shower, and Andrew and Jensen went to Jensen's room to get dressed. As soon as he was dressed, Jensen said "I get into bed now?" and climbed into his bed and asked for stories! So pleased ! Did call out for a drink, but stayed in bed.
Came out, watched tv for 5 mins, Andrew told him it was time to go back to bed, and he did! Went to sleep too!!

Tonight, however, we're camping... And there are 5 other kids (all 4yrs and under). Jensen just won't go to sleep!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

BAck from a spontaneous trip to the maternity ward. I haven't been able to feel baby's kicks all morning, or last night... Probably last time I felt them was yesterday morning.

I call the dr, and can't get an appt til 215, when I should be on my way to work. So I sit down with a cold can of cola, and get comfy. 3/4 way thru the can, still nothing! I'm starting to worry. I call Andrew, and he tells me to call the hospital (of course I don't want to, I don't want to sound panicky, but apparently I was). Hospital called, and I spoke to a lovely midwife called Angela.  She tells me to head on up and she'll check it out for me. She didn't sound worried, so that sort of made me calm down (coz I was about to cry on the phone).

After I FINALLY found a park, I actually meet Angela and another midwife, and they're both lovely and friendly! Angela sets of to find me a bed and some equipment (this is where I met the other midwife). Angela takes me to a room, gets me on the bed, feels for the baby, puts the doppler on and hey presto! Heartbeat. Oh, the relief! Not 5 seconds later, a kick I can feel! And then another. I feel so silly. Must just be a quiet day for baby. Apparently they have a growth spurt at 24weeks (and I'm 23wks yesterday), and maybe it's just getting ready for that. Angela told me not to feel silly about coming in when I can't feel the baby, and there have been plenty of other women who thought they wont go into the hosp coz they can't feel the baby move, and from what Angela was trying to say, it didn't end well for those ladies. 

Sitting here now, baby is kicking. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

WOW ! 8 nights in a row! Oh, I don't know how much I can say this before it's old... I'm so proud! Jensen has gone to bed in his own bed again! He brushes his teeth, then goes to bed for 2 stories, music and humidifier goes on, toilet light left on and goodnight! :)

All is well with baby (as far as I know)! Baby has a thing for cola (but not Coke) and chocolate. The chocolate could just be an indulgence though - baby just makes it taste better. But Cola. That's a new one. I don't normally drink cola except for bourbon and cola (and I haven't had one of them in aaaaaaaages). So to be drinking heaps is a big thing. Andrew went a bought a whole slab of cola cans! I reckon I'm going to end up with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes with this baby.... So different this time round! And, Oh! The restless legs. It's painful! Every night, so I go to bed. But I'm not sure when I wake up upteen times through the night, if I'm woken by the need to pee, or by restless legs, or by thirst. I think it might be different each time. Sometimes, I'm right, I get up to go to the toilet and hey presto! Restless legs. And thirsty. Or, I wake up thanks to the restless legs, and need to pee - and have a drink. I use Andrew to help me roll over. I hang on to him! lol Poor fella.

I tested my blood pressure (standing) with dad's automatic blood pressure machine. 123/79. Much higher than my normal 97/60 (or there abouts).

There was something else I needed to say, but forgot. Ah well.. It'll be a whole other post :) Now I'm dizzy and nauseas - so I'm off to bed. Shame I have to study all day tomorrow, with Jensen at home. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Woo hoo! 3 nights in a row! Oh, I'm so proud of Jensen!

He called out once but I ignored him. About 5 mins later he called out again. I went to him and he's halfway down the length of his bed. Doesn't want to be moved up, happy to be where he is. Retucked in and another kiss goodnight. 10 mins later, potter patter of feet down the hallway. He wants to sit up and watch tv. Kiss daddy goodnight again, but Jensen wants to go to sleep in the middle of our bed. We pass my room, tuck him in but he wants his 'warm teddy' (teddy's tummy comes out and goes in the microwave). Teddy all warmed up, now he wants his dinosaur ... Retucked in, solar system on, music on again... And not long later, he's out to it!

So now, it's my bedtime!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


We decided that it was time to get Jensen to go to sleep in his own bed. He
normally falls asleep in our bed and we transfer him to his own.

Coincidently, yesterday was November 1st, so it'll be easy to keep track!

So last night we started him going to bed in his own bed. It was a success.... Sort of. Yes, he did go to sleep in his own room, but he called out about 5 times. Each time he made a noise, I went down there. First time he asked for the solar system (attached to his ceiling) to be turned back on - it has an auto switch off. Then he just wanted the solar system light on. Another time, more than half asleep on his feet, he made it to his bedroom door, in tears, but couldn't tell
me why. Put back in bed. Next and last time- he calls out for me. I get to his room, he's leaning on his elbow looking out the door. He wanted to tell me that "there's a crab outside the door. a crab and a spider". I tell him I'll take care of the crab and spider, and he lies back down and asks for another Teddy. I go and get Teddy and go back to his room and he's asleep!

Tonight, coz he didn't have a nap today, I put him to bed, put his music on, gave him a kiss goodnight and walked out. I don't think it took long for him to fall asleep!

We're 2 for 2! fingers crossed it continues!
What a f-'ed up day.  Woke up with a killer headache. Mum had rung last night to say she'd be over early. 830 she turns up. To me, that's not early... I was up at 10 to 6 this morning...  Anyway, she gets here and says hi to Jensen, I don't remember her saying hi to me, only telling me that she's packed up her whole computer and brought it down so I can show her exactly what I need to show her. When I was on the phone to her last night, she managed to move a file from her computer to a usb stick, but apparently that's not what she wanted to do.  Anyway, apparently I made a face and said 'oh great' in a rude way. Mum was only here for 45 mins tops (and it takes 90 mins to get here). In that 45 mins, she took 3 phone calls, accused me of yelling at Jensen and pushing him away. Apparently that's what both my sister and I do, and we neglect them for the lap top. So she's gone outside to her car (we were having a yelling match), and I go to open her passenger side door so I can talk to her properly (btw - she started yelling first). She locks her doors, so I pop Jensen on her boot lid and stand with him behind her car. She starts her car and puts it in reverse.  I reckon I stood there for 5 minutes before she actually starts reversing! I finally get out of her way, fuck it, if she wants to leave, good. So I pop Jensen in the car, grab my handbag, phone and put shoes on and drive to Andrew's work. When I get there, I call her and find out where she got to. She only went to the shops just up the road ( which I passed to get to Andrew's work).  I told her where I was and if she wanted to meet me at a coffee shop there, she could.  She argued, that no, I could go to her. No, I was going to go the shops afterwards, she could me me there. No. I can meet her where she is. Then she's going to call me back. So I go and tell Andrew whats happened. I decide I'm going to a different shopping centre, so I call her back, tell her that I'm over it (as in a better mood) and she's in the bank and she'll call me back. I make it home before she calls me back (so, again, I've driven past the shopping centre she's at). I said, come over and we'll start again. No. She's having coffee there.  Again I offer to help her - start the morning over again. No. She's not coming over. I offer one last time and no she's not coming over. Oh wait, no she'll be over in an hour. WTF?  Waste my freaking day. She arrives about 10 mins later, but she wont come in, but she's only come over to say bye to Jensen and then she's going home. What a f- around. Waste of time. Another yelling match about what a bitch she's being (coz she was). I was so careful not to call her immature or childish, coz that's what she was being. Remember, this is all over me making a face and saying 'oh great' about her bringing her whole computer over. Finally, we've agreed to go to the shops. Only, she's taking her own car, and I'm to meet her there. Fine by me. By the time we get there, we must have both calmed down coz we were quite civil and had a conversation, even if it was awkward. Even managed a parting hug before we left.

I was so stressed that when I was on my way to meet her at these shops, I rang the dr and booked myself in for an appt.  I hadn't felt the baby move and was sure my blood pressure would be up. By the time I got to my appt, my BP was normal! 95/55!  I wanted to hear the baby's heartbeep, so I asked, and he grabbed his stethoscope and reckoned all he could hear was it's kicks. I don't want YOU to hear it  * I * want to hear it. Moron. So then, he went to grab a  towel, coz that's apparently he hears it. I told him to go and get the doppler. Idiot. He got the other dr, who I normally see, to use the doppler. He doesn't know how to use it. Heard the heart beat. 150 bpm. He did the towel thing anyway. Weirdo.

So, Jensen decides he wants to sew this afternoon.  So I drag out the sewing machine and overlocker. Stupid fabric is stretchy, so the sewing machine wont sew it.  It's not of stretchy stitch. I fix that up, but it drops stitches. I thought, I know how to fix this, and used the overlocker. This are going well with the overlocker, then it f 's up. Not happy. So I go back to the sewing  machine. I'm almost finished the bit the elastic is to go through (I was making shorts for Jensen), and the sewing machine, just wont sew.  

Today is not going well.  

Mince didn't defrost in time, so we'll be having that tomorrow night instead. I'm over today.

Tomorrow better be a better day.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas ideas

This year I was thinking of making some gifts for christmas... here's 2 ideas I had already, both direct from Tupperware:

Coconut Lip Balm
Light and nourishing, this flavoursome lip balm will rejuvenate and moisturise your lips
Makes : 80g
Prep :  5 minutes
20g Aloe Vera Gel
20g Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
40g Coconut Oil

Method (as on the Tupperware recipe sheet)
Measure ingredients with digital scales,  placing them in the Tupperwave 1 litre jug. Mix ingredients together with spatula until well combined.

Cover jug and microwave on medium (500 watts) for 2 minutes. Stir with the spatula until smooth.

Let balm cool slightly. Pour a portion of the balm into the Travel Accessories Creme Jar and the remainder can be poured into a TupperCare Snack Cup. Let the balm cool completely and then apply to the lips as often as required.

- If the Coconut Oil is solid in consistency, uncover the jar and place it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds on medium (500 watts).
- Ingredients can be found at your local health food store.
- Recipe has been tested in an 800 watt microwave. Please adjust your microwave if necessary (High 800 watts, Medium High 650 watts, Medium 500 watts)
- If you feel any irritation, was off balm immediately.

- Aloe Vera Gel has soothing and hydrating properties which can help the body clean and maintain  the pH balance of the skin.
- Coconut Oil  is an excellent natural skin moisturiser and softener.
- Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) helps prevent lips from chapping 

Rejuvenate dry skin the natural way. Luxurious, moisturising and exfoliating - this scrub, enriched with honey, sugar and essential salts helps provide vital nutrients to dull, dry skin.
Makes : approximately 300ml
Prep : 5 minutes
20g sea salt flakes
40g brown sugar
40g sorbolene creme
15g 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10g honey (at room temperature)

Using digital scales, measure ingredients and placing them in the Quick Chef II, with the paddle whisk attachment. Cover and process until combined.

Using a spatula, remove excess contents from the sides of the Quick Chef II. Scrub should be slightly runny in consistency.

Apply a small amount to desired area (hands, feet, knees, heels or elbows) and gently massage in a circular motion. Leave mixture on the skin for 15 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Use on a weekly basis to keep skin velvety smooth.

- If the honey is thick in consistency, place it in the TupperWave 1 litre Jug and microwave for 5 seconds on medium (500 watts).
- 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be substituted with Virgin Olive Oil.
- Scrub is recommended for hands, knees, feet, heels or elbows, but may also be used on the body. Not intended for use on the face.
- If extra exfoliant is required, apply the mixture to a loofa or add more brown sugar.
- Recommended for weekly use.

- Sorbolene cream helps to moisturise and cleanse skin, leaving it smooth and nourished. It contains properties to help revitalise dry or damaged skin and is particularly recommended for sensitive skin.
- Honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent, deeply cleansing your skin and opening up clogged pored.
- The high percentage of unsaturated fat in Olive Oil means it is a great moisturizer.
I can't believe I 'm 21 weeks pregnant already! Time seems to go so fast and so slow at the same time! Baby is kicking heaps more, and I couldn't be happier. Least I know something is going on in there. I am no longer worried about it's head, I just think now perhaps his/her head had a growth spurt before the rest of it's body :) Andrew felt the baby kick/move yesterday when I got home from work !  I couldn't tell, though, what he thought.  He said "Was that it?" But I can't tell if he was disappointed or excited.  Kinda dimmed the moment, for me anyhow.  I can't wait til the movements are more frequent, coz Jensen is so impatient. He'll put his hand on my tummy, but then take it away again a few seconds later,  he is definitely not patient lol. Oh, and the restless legs and calf cramps at night, along with the need to pee 10 times a night and heartburn makes for a bad nights sleep! I had a dream last night that my blood pressure was 150/120. I pretty much woke up right after that. That is HIGH! 

Yesterday was Halloween. I'm not really into the whole American tradition thing, but saw it more as getting out, dressed up, with the neighbours! I didn't dress up, and we didn't put much thought into Jensen's outfit. Originally, my half-arsed idea was to paint him green and send him as The Hulk.  Then someone suggested some cardboard boxes and he could go as a robot. That was my idea for a while, then just passed on it. Eventually, at 430 in the afternoon (Trick or Treat-ing due to start at 530pm) we decided on "Bob the Builder". We found J a flannelette shirt, some overalls, tied a belt around him and tucked all the toy tools that he has around him. He even had some goggles on! He didn't look like Bob the Builder, but you could tell that's what he was. He got HEAPS of lollies, and used his manners each time. There were heaps of kids, and apparently we're going to be in the paper again (we were in the paper at Christmas last year).

"Bob the Builder" !

Neighbourhood kids

the booty!

Exams start this weekend! I'm kinda excited - coz this year's nearly over, nervous - coz I really need to pass and I have no idea.  I'm looking forward to it all being over, coz then I only have to go to work. I can knock back the hours J is at daycare, and take him out of at least one. He'll still go to daycare, coz he loves it and I don't want to ruin his routine for when the baby comes.  Exams are Saturday at 130, Wednesday at 830am, Friday 830am and the following Monday 8am. The weekend between the Friday exam and Monday exam, we're going camping.... again!

This time, when we go camping, we're going with my sister, her husband and 2 kids, and one of my sister's friends and her family (I think the friend has only 1 kid). I'm looking forward to it. It will be a little hard to concentrate on studying while we're there. The Monday exam is a practical one, and goes for 30 mins. We have to take temp's, blood pressure, pulse etc. So I'm going to write up my spiel, and take with my blood pressure kit and spiel and practice over the weekend. I reckon it's the exam I'm the most stressed over.