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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


We decided that it was time to get Jensen to go to sleep in his own bed. He
normally falls asleep in our bed and we transfer him to his own.

Coincidently, yesterday was November 1st, so it'll be easy to keep track!

So last night we started him going to bed in his own bed. It was a success.... Sort of. Yes, he did go to sleep in his own room, but he called out about 5 times. Each time he made a noise, I went down there. First time he asked for the solar system (attached to his ceiling) to be turned back on - it has an auto switch off. Then he just wanted the solar system light on. Another time, more than half asleep on his feet, he made it to his bedroom door, in tears, but couldn't tell
me why. Put back in bed. Next and last time- he calls out for me. I get to his room, he's leaning on his elbow looking out the door. He wanted to tell me that "there's a crab outside the door. a crab and a spider". I tell him I'll take care of the crab and spider, and he lies back down and asks for another Teddy. I go and get Teddy and go back to his room and he's asleep!

Tonight, coz he didn't have a nap today, I put him to bed, put his music on, gave him a kiss goodnight and walked out. I don't think it took long for him to fall asleep!

We're 2 for 2! fingers crossed it continues!

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