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Monday, 8 November 2010

WOW ! 8 nights in a row! Oh, I don't know how much I can say this before it's old... I'm so proud! Jensen has gone to bed in his own bed again! He brushes his teeth, then goes to bed for 2 stories, music and humidifier goes on, toilet light left on and goodnight! :)

All is well with baby (as far as I know)! Baby has a thing for cola (but not Coke) and chocolate. The chocolate could just be an indulgence though - baby just makes it taste better. But Cola. That's a new one. I don't normally drink cola except for bourbon and cola (and I haven't had one of them in aaaaaaaages). So to be drinking heaps is a big thing. Andrew went a bought a whole slab of cola cans! I reckon I'm going to end up with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes with this baby.... So different this time round! And, Oh! The restless legs. It's painful! Every night, so I go to bed. But I'm not sure when I wake up upteen times through the night, if I'm woken by the need to pee, or by restless legs, or by thirst. I think it might be different each time. Sometimes, I'm right, I get up to go to the toilet and hey presto! Restless legs. And thirsty. Or, I wake up thanks to the restless legs, and need to pee - and have a drink. I use Andrew to help me roll over. I hang on to him! lol Poor fella.

I tested my blood pressure (standing) with dad's automatic blood pressure machine. 123/79. Much higher than my normal 97/60 (or there abouts).

There was something else I needed to say, but forgot. Ah well.. It'll be a whole other post :) Now I'm dizzy and nauseas - so I'm off to bed. Shame I have to study all day tomorrow, with Jensen at home. Wish me luck!

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