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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Got home from uni prac today to find my mother in law had cleaned, vacuumed and was in the process of mopping my floors! Wow! Thank you! You rock! Love you!

Eden's first day at daycare!

While Eden went to family daycare with the lady in our street last semester when I was in prac, it was more like spending the day with the neighbour than daycare.

Proper daycare started yesterday. As I start at 8 yesterday (and 7am every morning for the rest if the first week, 2:30pm the following week), Andrew us taking her (and Jensen on his Kindy off days) to daycare near his work. She had a big cry when Andrew left on
Monday. He text me saying she hated him for leaving her there. I forgot to pack sheets for nap time, so Nanna dropped them off. Tears again, but quickly distracted by the playground. When I picked her up, she heard then saw my car and them she had a huge grin that lit up her whole face! "mumma!"

Today, tears again, but apparently calmed down when she found she had pens and paper!
On prac at the moment, after deciding to go part time with uni, the facilitator is nice, but talks to much - about nursing stuff and whatever else. Yesterday I swear I got an hour on the ward because we had heaps of pre-briefs and mini tutes and sat in on a in service (staff training).

Today, I got sent on  morning tea for 15-30 min. The facilitator ended up sitting with us and my 30 mins turned into 60 mins coz she turned what was supposed to be a break into a tute. I learnt things, sure, but that was my break!

Then when I got back to the ward, she had me finding dressings for a wound that was on another student's patient and reading up on why to use that one. Then she disagreed with the RN looking after that patient on what dressing should be applied. The patient was still in the shower, and was the RN's lunch break, so we were to go on ours. I swear I'd been back on the ward an hour. Our lunch break I think went for at least an hour again, then went upstairs, dressed this patients wound, wrote in notes and then got to watch a dressing put on. When that was done, it was time to meet her for a debrief of the day.... Which was what, exactly? I was hardly there. Tomorrow she wants to be with me on a med round, but hopefully then she goes and pesters the other students instead. I'd like a break on my break!

Eden versus the hot chicken

Argh! Toddlers! On Saturday, I took a hot chook out of the oven and Eden walked in right under it. Hot chicken juice dripped onto her head. I turned the hot water off in Andrew shower and jammed her under the cold water. Andrew had no idea what was going on coz his eyes were squinted shut coz he was washing his hair. I took her out and patted her down (she was screaming for a different reason now, I assumed she thought she was being waterboarded - if she knew what that was!) There were red marks, so I put some ice onto it, called the on-call health number and ended up being advised to go to the hospital. By the time this call was finished, I was more concerned that it may have gotten into her eye, than any burns. I changed her into dry clothes and got the hospital 15 min later. When I got there and explained to the triage nurse what happened Eden just looked like a normal child with some crazy mother. The nurse seemed to humour me anyway and within 45mins we were seen by the eye doctor on (remembering that this is a Saturday night!) and pretty much home within a hour of arriving at this hospital! Pretty good I think. Eden was fine, but very very lucky.
Juice dripped onto the top of her head, her forehead,
beside her eye and cheek. Thankfully not in her eye!

Happy Birthday Jensen!

Happy happy birthday, Jensen !!

I can't believe it! I 'm a mother to a 5 year old! Where has the time gone?

Jensen (and Eden) woke up quietly, and didn't realise that it was his birthday until I started to calm Eden (coz she started to whinge coz she wanted out of her cot) by singing Happy Birthday to him!  He got a bit excited then!

We all climbed back into my bed (so, there were 4 in the bed!) and snuggled in. We hung out there for about half an hour when I suggested to Jensen that he gets up and opens his presents. He turned round and honestly stated "No, not yet, I'll wait". What 5 year old wants to wait to open his presents? I tell you, we were impressed!  We thought it odd, but hey, it's his day!

I had attempted (3 times!) to make the perfect cake for his Lego birthday party, but it just wasn't happening. In the end, we ended up with this:

You can't really see it,
 it's a Lego brick with a Lego man in front

I had wanted to do it all myself, but Betty Crocker ended up helping me with the icing. I also had higher expectations of what the end product would look like.

Jensen got Lego! Andrew and Jensen played for about an hour, just building stuff, while Eden and I tried to fix the cake, and Eden got high on a handful of lollies and Jensen's breakfast request - Fruit Loops. They are a luxury item in this house, and as it was his birthday, he got to choose! Thank you to my mum who came over early to help with the cake, Jensen and Eden's breakfast and help set up.

Iron Man mask!
Just whose Lego is this?!

Moving on to the birthday party : a party at the park with Kindy friends! Jensen is still a little unwell.

It was a lovely day, thankfully it didn't rain. I had asked the other mothers for a phone number to contact them if a wet weather venue was required. Good thing it didn't rain because I didn't have a back up plan.

Pass the parcel saw all the kids in a circle. But pretty much after 3 of the kids had opened their turn (and scored a lollipop!) they weren't interested anymore and left to play.  One of the mums kindly did the music for me while I collected the rubbish. It took ages to get to Jensen's turn and he ended up in tears coz he wanted a green lollipop. Nixon gave him his, but he said no that it was his. In the end he got the green lollipop in his turn, as well as Nixons.

By the time it was time to play the 2nd game (pin the Lego head to the Lego man) the wind was so strong and so cold! I stupidly wore a dress (something not normally done!).  When this game was on, I had forgotten to bring a blind fold for the kiddies so I used my cardigan. I was freeeezing! The wind kept blowing my dress up. How embarrassing.

Time for the cake, and really, the kids don't care what it looks like, they just want to eat it! I didn't want to be rude, but the wind was now blowing right through me and I basically told the parents that we were going to cut the cake if they wanted to go because of the wind. Most of them had other kids (either there or at home) or had other commitments.  One looked at me odd. That was ok though. Everyone was cold. As the party was 10-12, I am surprised we were at home by 12:15!

My dad and my grandma came to visit too for his birthday once we were home.

Everybody in bed early as it was a massive day! Hope you had a great day, little man! xx

This is what Jensen got to take to Kindy on Monday for
those who weren't able to come to his party!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mummy! We're playing nurses and I'm the patient, stuck in bed for HOURS!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Such a shit parent tonight. I don't believe I've ever yelled so much in one night. :'(
Eat your dinner!
Stop smearing dinner over the table!
Don't tip it all over the floor!
Stop talking and eat your dinner!
You're dinner is going to go cold if you don't eat it!
That's it! You can have it for breakfast! if you don't eat it for breakfast, you will take it to kindy for lunch!
Be quiet while I put your sister to bed! (I mean, surely he knows by now?!)
Go away! (coz yep, yet again he comes down to talk to me while putting Eden to bed)
Keep your voice down! ( god knows how many times I said this)
Eden! Go to sleep!
Put your head down!
Lie down!

During dinner I had a breakdown and had a cry. All I want is some time for me, instead of dragging a clinging child off my leg while I try to make dinner., I want my most 5-yr-old to do AS HE'S TOLD when he's told. I want people to actually eat the said dinner I made, instead, "it's dry", "I don't like it" or "I'm not hungry / I'll save it for later / I don't want that" or it's simply just tossed in the floor. The response I got for crying : "you wanted kids" :'(

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What kind of stroke are you having?

Jensen was having a chat with Nanna.
J: why are you taking taking tablets?
N: they're for my heart so I don't have a stroke.
J: what's a stroke?
N: if I have a stroke, my arms may not work anymore, or I may not be able to speak, or mummy may have to change me like she changes Eden's nappy.
J: I know of another stroke!
N: oh yeah, what kind?

I don't want to live in THAT country!

Watching the Olympics, this conversation happened:

Me: what country is that?
Andrew: chlamydia
Me: um, chlamydia is not a country.

Yes he was being serious.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Lesson in bananas

Walking home from the gym this mornging, I noticed the men in the banana farm picking the fruit. I asked Jensen if he knew what they were picking. He didn't know, so I told him to ask. He did (which surprised me!) and the man told him. He also went an chopped a banana down from the tre, told him it was a little green, but would be ok for this afternoon. He was so thrilled! As we crossed back over the road, he called out to the man, "I'm not going to eat it this afternoon, I'm going to share it with my little sister!"

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Someone is burning something outside, and the smell reminds me of the bonfires we used to have as a kid. I was having a "sad" day, wondering how I can score a "mental health day" from my family. (it's no going to to happen!) so I decided to go outside with Jensen (while Eden napped) so he could ride his bike and I could enjoy the winter sun - and the smell of the burning. Im feeling a bit better for it.

While we were outside, we used palm fronds to make our own "Olympic hurdles" and did some racing and a relay with Jensen and myself. I attempted some handstands, but I totally suck at it! Must try harder!

Eden is awake and screaming now.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Very tired 4yo still up coz his sister's not asleep yet in their room, so he's lying here watching the Olympics chanting in a tired voice "Go Australia, go Australia, go Australia"