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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Eden's first day at daycare!

While Eden went to family daycare with the lady in our street last semester when I was in prac, it was more like spending the day with the neighbour than daycare.

Proper daycare started yesterday. As I start at 8 yesterday (and 7am every morning for the rest if the first week, 2:30pm the following week), Andrew us taking her (and Jensen on his Kindy off days) to daycare near his work. She had a big cry when Andrew left on
Monday. He text me saying she hated him for leaving her there. I forgot to pack sheets for nap time, so Nanna dropped them off. Tears again, but quickly distracted by the playground. When I picked her up, she heard then saw my car and them she had a huge grin that lit up her whole face! "mumma!"

Today, tears again, but apparently calmed down when she found she had pens and paper!

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