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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I can't believe how many pregnant women were out camping on the weekend! At least one was 20 weeks, like me!  I saw at least 3 other pregnant women (besides myself)!

Andrew has taught Jensen the words to "The Road to Gundaguy" or whatever it's called. I've got a vid on my iPhone, but how to get it on here, I have no idea!

Monday, 25 October 2010


This little family has spent the weekend camping! 

It's not the first time we've been camping. However, this time we left on a Friday afternoon and came home on the Monday afternoon. A long weekend for us!  

We camped on Stradbroke Island. It was the first time I'd ever been there, and obviously, the first time J had ever been there. We camped at Cylinder Beach. Oh, I was in love with the place straight away! Lovely little spot! We also visited Brown Lake, which is named such because of it's colour, stained from the tannins of the Tea Trees surrounding it.

Photos to come!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ultrasound results

We had baby's 18-20 week morphology ultrasound on Friday! Baby is completely happy, even though he/she had it's hands in a fist. :) It was moving and rolling and crossing it's legs! I must admit I had some happy tears. I think even Andrew was about to cry! 

One thing we did find out though, is that baby has slight dolichocephaly.  According to


: having a relatively long head with a cephalic index of less than 75

I have no idea what this means.  I can only find information on it on babies already born, and it seems to be in preterm (premature) babies. So I really have no idea. I'd like to find out more information, but Andrew just wants to live in ignorance. I can see how that works, but why tell me the word knowing that Google is out there. However. The report only says slight. Perhaps baby's head had a growth spurt just before the ultrasound. I'm sure it'll correct itself by the time baby's born.. Or I'm thinking it's going to be a lot more painful vaginal birth than I had with J lol.

The placenta is also posterior (at my back) and low, which poses a problem only if it continues to descend and cover the cervix. That will make a vaginal birth difficult or impossible.
I've been told that I'll need a ultrasound at 32 weeks to see how the baby's doing and where the placenta is. I was very tempted, and apparently, so was Andrew, to ask if baby was a Boy or a Girl.  But we didn't... lets see how we go at the next ultrasound :)
I've seen the local doctors, but I'm heading back to see my own doctor on Tuesday. The I have a midwife appt 2 hours later, so I should be full of information by the time I get home! 

Also this week, I start my prac for uni!! That means, after this week, I have 4 exams and I'm finished!! I'm so excited. I haven't yet started studying, even though I know I should.

I was hoping to spend this weekend as a family and do family things. I wanted to go to the handmade markets, but then we didn't go coz Andrew actually did some yard work :D He did some hedging and mowing and put the baby's cot together. Then I wanted to go to Southbank to take Jensen to the beach and have a picnic, and Andrew was going to meet up with his friends. But now we're not meeting up with his friends until tonight, and I got pissed off. I don't like to just sit around all day and do nothing, when we could be out doing something as a family. But I decided to get over it, coz anger was getting me nowhere. I hung out some washing, and brought some in, and decided that Jensen and I would have picnic in the backyard instead! We asked Andrew to come out and join us, instead of playing the PS3. He came out and he's said we can do something familyish after Jensen has a nap. So he's down for a nap!

We're going camping next weekend too! Stradbroke Island lookout!  We've had a lot of rain in Brisbane over the last 2 weeks, so I'm hoping it holds off so we can go camping. Also, if the weather-makers are reading - please be really hot and sunny with no wind, so we can go swimming! 

Monday, 11 October 2010

Saw the dr this morning. She agrees that it's just a stretching pain that I'm feeling. I'm not to over-do anything, and no up/down/up/down movements, or at least keep it to a minimum. I did clean out my cupboard today, found some baby stuff, gave stuff away, chucked stuff out. Having a rest now, finish my tax coz I just haven't got round to it. I'm still going to clean Jensen's room and tidy baby's room (coz it's currently the 'chuck stuff in there' room lol), and maybe, if I feel like it, do the dishes and arrange the pantry so I can see whats in there 

BP was 97/56 and baby's heartbeat was 151bpm . Hanging out for Friday!

I still have pain, especially yesterday when I was out ALL DAY. : However, yesterday I did feel the baby move! Not just a guess, or hmm, maybe... It moved!! Oh, and what it even better, I could feel it with my hand! Oh, through all the pain, there was a happy point at the end of the day  Yesterday, I dragged Jensen out in the rain to go to garage sales (and yes, I should have been resting), but I got heaps of baby singlets, a skirt that I'm going to try to make into a maternity one, 2 basinette cot sheets (one with a matching flat sheet), and a bassinette flat sheet with matching pillow case... ALL for $3. I'm bargain hunter! Last week I bought a cot for $30. A friend of the family is giving us a cot mattress. 

Can someone remind me that that brand new itti is on Jensen's cabbage patch doll? Yes, Jensen has a cabbage patch doll, but it's a hand-me-down and he got to choose from a selection of toys, and that's what he picked. It was good timing too, coz we'd only just found out we were pregnant! So 'baby' is good practice. Dolly gets a 'wash', goes in the bouncer, sling, bassinette, nappy'd.  Andrew and Jensen were just changing dolly's nappy and Andrew was faking gagging! lol I so can't wait. That said, the first few weeks will probably be disposables! For newborn poo reasons :)

My morphology scan is Friday coming! I can't wait

I'll be back at work this week on Wednesday & Thursday, have annual leave for the following week for Uni placement. I see the doctor tomorrow (and miss out on my Anatomy excursion to a cadaver lab - which I was so looking forward to in a non-creepy way), and hopefully I can get some good pain killers that I'll be able to use while I'm at work, and maybe those ones that they gave me at the hospital that made me sleepy. I hate using painkillers regardless of being pregnant or not, so it's a big deal for me to actually want them. I don't want reduced labour at work, I just want the pain to hold off or be dulled, as I want to work as long as possible. I was thinking today if they stick me on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy, I'll only get 6wks paid maternity leave, but will I still be entitled to the paid parental leave thing that starts in Jan? Oh, so much to think about! 

Has anyone else had dreams about the gender of their baby (where they don't already know it)? We don't know the sex of the baby, and at the scan this coming Friday, we're not finding out. But so far, I've had 3 dreams where the baby is a girl! Apparently it's not good odds we'll have a girl (Andrew is one of 2 boys, his father is one of 2 boys, Andrew's dad's brother has 2 boys and their father was one of two boys... see my point? lol). I was so very tempted after the dream the other night to actually buy a pink wondersuit from a garage sale yesterday, but I don't want to tempt fate or get my hopes up.

Speaking of wondersuits, I have no idea what kind of clothes I need to be looking for! March is the end of summer.... so am I looking for sleeveless & legless bodysuits or something warmer?! It's driving me crazy!

GTG, Jensen and Andrew are arguing over whether dolly is awake or not. lol

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

So I'm sitting in this hospital waiting room. It's packed! Is there some sort of giveaway I didn't know about? Andrew came up to sit with me, but Jensen got a bit noisy and Andrew hates hospitals, so they left to go to Nanna's. I've been here an hour and people are still coming in. I've had obs done - my blood pressure taken 3 different ways (sitting, lying, standing), donated a urine sample and now just have to wait.

I'm here because I have pain in my lower abdomen, really hard to put into words where, but when you think of a pregnant woman holding her hands together under her large bump... Well, there sorta. It's been on and off this whole pregnancy, but since Saturday it's ben constant and painful. I even walk slowly coz it hurts. Lie down, sit down, stand, walk, talk. It all hurts. I even grabbed myself a vomit bag, just in case... Sometimes I even feel dizzy sitting and feel like I'll fall out of the chair.

I hope i get seen soon. I dont want to be here all night. It's only 730.