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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

So I'm sitting in this hospital waiting room. It's packed! Is there some sort of giveaway I didn't know about? Andrew came up to sit with me, but Jensen got a bit noisy and Andrew hates hospitals, so they left to go to Nanna's. I've been here an hour and people are still coming in. I've had obs done - my blood pressure taken 3 different ways (sitting, lying, standing), donated a urine sample and now just have to wait.

I'm here because I have pain in my lower abdomen, really hard to put into words where, but when you think of a pregnant woman holding her hands together under her large bump... Well, there sorta. It's been on and off this whole pregnancy, but since Saturday it's ben constant and painful. I even walk slowly coz it hurts. Lie down, sit down, stand, walk, talk. It all hurts. I even grabbed myself a vomit bag, just in case... Sometimes I even feel dizzy sitting and feel like I'll fall out of the chair.

I hope i get seen soon. I dont want to be here all night. It's only 730.

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