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Friday, 19 February 2010

The Monkey

Just had to share this!
I took J to the toilets at Westfield Carindale the other day. He's toilet training, and doing quite well!

He's sitting on the toilet with me in the same cubicle, and he tells me.
"I like rainbows. Pink ones"

Haha totally random, had to tell The Man. And share with you.


YEP! It's official! I'm a year older. My birthday is the day after Valentines Day, so any gift that The Man gets for me before my birthday, just ends up looking like a v-day gift, so we don't normally do that.

This year, when I called my mum (the day before v-day), she spilt the beans that The Man was buying me a birthday pressent. Over the moon, I was. The Man, not so impressed that I knew. As I had to work v-day, I was told as I was leaving that I could have my present when I got home. Apparently, I had a v-day one AND a birthday one! I wasn't expecting either.

They are the best presents I've gotten.

They are jigsaw puzzles.
The v-day one is of our little family. I did take a photo of it, but cant' find it right now.
My birthday present so thoughtful. I love it.
A little poem from The Man and J. The Man has gotten the J's finger prints and his hand print, painted a bunch of lavender, my favourite flower, and put his own finger prints on it. So very special.

Monday, 8 February 2010



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A Radio Controlled Car Club website. Site made by my high school friend's husband

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Dad sent me a text message.
It read:
Look Mum, no patch.
Look Mum, no staples

He's been given the all clear. The latest surgery has been a success. :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Electricity Company

OMG. I cannot believe the nerve the Electricity Company. I received a text message to my mobile saying "have you overlooked your bill?" ah no I haven't. You haven't sent it! I call them and I'm answered by an indian sounding fella. I explain that no I dont have an account number, never received a bill. I read the refernce from the message. The more personal information he needs to verifying am who I say I am for "privacy reasons" makes me annoyed. Again I explain I've never received a bill . He tells me it's sent to "X" address. We moved out of there at the beginning of November. We turned the power off there after we had moved out and had turned on power at the current place. We had the bill for the old place sent to the new place. I recieved that one. Why the hell did they send it to the old place?

I was now getting really short with him and even more so that he said he's sending it out the new address and it'll take 4-5 working days. What really mad me very irrate is he pressed "can u promise payment by the due date, the 15th." I went off. How does he expect me to pay it? 5 working days is the 12th. Say I pay it when I get the mail in the afternoon when I get home. The 12th is a Friday. Any payment after 12pm on a Friday isn't processed til the next working day. Monday. Sure, it's the 15th, but how many ppl would hAve done the same thing? Again he says "can u promise payment by the due date?" as I yell NO down the phone, he repeats it, mAtching my tone of voice. I demand to speak to the manager. She's not much better, but at least nicer. Apparently the address it's sent to is not automically changed. She's says she's changed my address and sent out a new bill to the correct address. And gave me til the 20-somethingth (26th I think) to pay it. I aslo told her that no matter how irrate her customers get, her staff shouldn't get irrate at them. Apparently she'll have words to him. I doubt it.

Next time we move, They are not coming

Sleep torture

Why does J sleep at daycare, or nana's and not at home?? I feel like such a bully sending back to his room. I put him to bed at 1130, he got up and put back to bed several times. Finally, about to fall asleep, my iPhone in the iPod dock of his radio gets a message. It's The Man, letting me know there's no stronger pain killers for my migrane than panadol. 1:30 rolls around and he's crying and sobbing walking again out of his room. I put on NCIS, which he likes to watch, hoping he'd relax and fall asleep. Nope. Finally at 2, we go back to his room. 5 mins later, after lying down with him, he's asleep! 2 and a half hours to get him to go to sleep. Now had he have gone to sleep then, he could be playing or baking or helping me clean!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010


I can't believe how bloated I am tonight :(
{bit much info I know}
I look like I'm 4 months pregnant. I'm not, but you get the picture. Ho-hum.
Is it green tea, or peppermint, that relieve the bloating? Perhaps both. Coz I don't like peppermint.

I've been paranoid for a while (about a month) about being pregnant and not knowing. I seem to put weight on each week at weight watchers, occassionally have cravings (like for the last couple days - anchovies. I love anchovies!) there are other coincidences too, but can't think right now, just about to fall asleep.

I know that I'm not pg, but everyones paranoid about something some point, yeah?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Yeah yeah yeah... Start uni in March. We're all sick of hearing it. But The Man has said he'll help with the housework and with J, the monkey that he is, when I'm there. Don't forget - I'll also be playing the part of employee and mother as well. (My fave is the mother part)

The last few nights I have been absolutely knackered. so very tired (surprisingly not tonight). Been in bed at 7pm and just want to sleep. The Man is down the other end of the hall playing, very loudly might I add, his computer game. The computer room is opposite J's room. So J is in our bed. There is NCIS on the tv, coz he likes that, but will also fall asleep to it. Apparently not last night OR the night before. So while I'm sleeping, J actually watches the TV or watches The Man play his game. Meanwhile, there's a whole stack of dishes to be done, or at least stacked in the dishwasher, and general cleaning to be done.

APPARENTLY, it's not The Man's job to help, until I'm at uni... WTF? Perhaps some practice? Try and put J to bed by yourself? I woke up at 10pm last night to find J nearly asleep on our bed, with The Man asleep in J's bed. Ah, pick him up and put him to bed. So I had to get up and put him to bed. All I needed to do was lie down with him for 5 mins and hey presto! out like a light..

I just don't understand. I'm not the only one that lives here!!!