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Friday, 19 February 2010


YEP! It's official! I'm a year older. My birthday is the day after Valentines Day, so any gift that The Man gets for me before my birthday, just ends up looking like a v-day gift, so we don't normally do that.

This year, when I called my mum (the day before v-day), she spilt the beans that The Man was buying me a birthday pressent. Over the moon, I was. The Man, not so impressed that I knew. As I had to work v-day, I was told as I was leaving that I could have my present when I got home. Apparently, I had a v-day one AND a birthday one! I wasn't expecting either.

They are the best presents I've gotten.

They are jigsaw puzzles.
The v-day one is of our little family. I did take a photo of it, but cant' find it right now.
My birthday present so thoughtful. I love it.
A little poem from The Man and J. The Man has gotten the J's finger prints and his hand print, painted a bunch of lavender, my favourite flower, and put his own finger prints on it. So very special.

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