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Friday, 5 February 2010

Sleep torture

Why does J sleep at daycare, or nana's and not at home?? I feel like such a bully sending back to his room. I put him to bed at 1130, he got up and put back to bed several times. Finally, about to fall asleep, my iPhone in the iPod dock of his radio gets a message. It's The Man, letting me know there's no stronger pain killers for my migrane than panadol. 1:30 rolls around and he's crying and sobbing walking again out of his room. I put on NCIS, which he likes to watch, hoping he'd relax and fall asleep. Nope. Finally at 2, we go back to his room. 5 mins later, after lying down with him, he's asleep! 2 and a half hours to get him to go to sleep. Now had he have gone to sleep then, he could be playing or baking or helping me clean!!

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