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Thursday, 20 June 2013

A catch up in photos from 10 June to 20 June

At my mum's place, jumping in muddy puddles!

holy moly! Look how long her hair is!

Earning pocket money! 20c for this job!

Pick your battles! To get her to sleep,
E wanted to sleep on the floor, at the bookshelf, under her teddy rug.

My baby had a tongue full of cold sores! Lasted a week.
She was in so much pain.

My babies at my cousin's engagement party

So happy together, even early in the morning!

J's imagination made him a tent/tunnel out of a foldable clothesline and some towels!

E found a skateboard. And tried to use it properly. I can see broken arms in our future!

Friday, 7 June 2013


A bit of excitement here yesterday.

J wanted to be at school early, but it was a good decision not to leave so early. We were sitting on the couch, doing some sight words, when I said to him that I could smell smoke. I looked around, but there was nothing. I just assumed that it was coming from a neighbours place. We continued with the sight words and I could smell it stronger. I looked around again, and out in the pool area was plumes of smoke!

I managed to keep the kids inside (they could see everything!) and called Andrew's parents saying "IT'S ON FIRE!"

They told me to turn the electric switch off (and there's one next to the pool pump) and I repeated "IT'S ON FIRE" coz I felt like they didn't get it. I didn't call them because I wanted them to come and rescue us, I called them to let them know.

I flicked the switch for the pool, but it flicked back to on. I flicked it off again, and it went straight back on. So I flipped the safety switch (which turned the whole power off).

Then I did something stupid. J called out to me saying "we need a fire extinguisher!"  I called back saying we didn't have one. Turns out we did - two, in fact! - but I didn't know it. The stupid thing I did was hose the fire. Even though I know you don't hose an electrical fire, I did it anyway. My brain seemed to be only able to think about how you put out a oil/grease fire or a wood fire, and not an electrical one.

Apparently I'm lucky to be alive.


This medication is working! I feel so much better! I don't feel anything like I did.  I'm so much calmer in the evening and don't feel gloomy during the day.

Previously, I wrote about the fact I wasn't hungry. Well, it turns out this medication has that effect. It has an appetite suppressant. It is FANTASTIC!! Although I snack, I probably eat one decent meal a day. It's usually between breakfast and lunch, always after school drop off. Normally, some bacon, 2 eggs and a bit of salmon..

So at dinner time, I'm just feeding the kids. Makes for quick clean up.

Andrew's not eating at dinner much either (but he takes what's left over from the kids dinner for lunch), so when I go grocery shopping next week, it's going to be so much cheaper!!

toilet talk #2

Eden woke up again with a dry nappy, and then sat on the toilet and did a wee when we all got up. She was so proud of herself!! Now we just need to be able to keep doing this!