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Friday, 7 June 2013


A bit of excitement here yesterday.

J wanted to be at school early, but it was a good decision not to leave so early. We were sitting on the couch, doing some sight words, when I said to him that I could smell smoke. I looked around, but there was nothing. I just assumed that it was coming from a neighbours place. We continued with the sight words and I could smell it stronger. I looked around again, and out in the pool area was plumes of smoke!

I managed to keep the kids inside (they could see everything!) and called Andrew's parents saying "IT'S ON FIRE!"

They told me to turn the electric switch off (and there's one next to the pool pump) and I repeated "IT'S ON FIRE" coz I felt like they didn't get it. I didn't call them because I wanted them to come and rescue us, I called them to let them know.

I flicked the switch for the pool, but it flicked back to on. I flicked it off again, and it went straight back on. So I flipped the safety switch (which turned the whole power off).

Then I did something stupid. J called out to me saying "we need a fire extinguisher!"  I called back saying we didn't have one. Turns out we did - two, in fact! - but I didn't know it. The stupid thing I did was hose the fire. Even though I know you don't hose an electrical fire, I did it anyway. My brain seemed to be only able to think about how you put out a oil/grease fire or a wood fire, and not an electrical one.

Apparently I'm lucky to be alive.

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