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Sunday, 28 March 2010



OMG did you seriously just say that to me? This morning, after dtd, trying to discuss logistics of it (logistics coz I don't want to go into detail), he said that his satisfaction is more important than mine. WTF? Also, why is it only him that gets "lucky" but when I'd like to be "lucky" he's just not interested? So not fair...

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sometimes I wonder

The residents are watching "My Fair Lady" (and I'm not supposed to be on my phone) but all I can daydream about is that someone would fall in love with me...

Yes yes, I'm aware I'm married. And we both love each other, but some spontanaity would be nice... .o0 I can dream

Too cute

Kids say the cutest things!

The daycare lady told me that J told her "my mummy is very very special" awww. And yes, there were two "very's"

"mummy I want a cookie" "no cookies" " mummy I want a cookie in my mouth" and points to his mouth. I'm aware where the cookie goes :-)

After my PT session yesterday, I said "we go home and cook dinner" "yep!" "and we bake some muffins?" "no" "cupcakes?" "no" "biscuits?" "no" then what are we going to cook?" "BACON!"

last night while The Man was trying to settle J to bed, J said "I want yoghurt in my tummy". The Man had not heard this before, was trying not to laugh!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Catch Up!

Well... What has been happening!?

Uni is in full swing! In fact, I have a 300 word essay due Monday and a referencing portfolio due Friday and an in-class quiz in the morning! I actually decided I'd better get a move on with the essay. Yes, it's due Monday, but I want to submit it on Friday, and have a stress-less weekend ;-)

Work - well nothing's changed. Got yelled at by the EEN, but she appologised a few hours later. Did a short shift, only 3hrs, today, purely to get some spare $$ for just in case.

Life in general is crap. The dear husband who vowed to help me out when I started uni gets all shitty when I even ask him to do the dishes. Just unstack and stack the dishes... it's not that hard. The house is ALWAYS a mess. Perhaps thats the biggest downer atm. I just feel like if things are clean, I feel clearer. if that makes sense.

The husbands boss has told him some news, so he gets to be boss for the day a few more times yet. Lots of responsibility for him. Proud of him, but shame about the circumstances.

J is getting better with his toilet training, but we are still having the issue with #2's. The daycare lady wants me to supply a nappy for when they take him to playgroup. WTF NO! I don't pack a bag for you just to put J into the too hard basket and think it's all too hard to take a change of clothes that I supply. what the hell is the point of supplying them then? I can understand that, yes, it's an inconvenience when you're at playgroup, you're watching 4 kids, but you know that he wanders off to be on his own when he needs to do that, so KEEP AN EYE ON MY KID.

Off my soapbox for now coz that really irks me and I need (and you probably need) to be busy elsewhere.

Today went to the dogs from the very beginning.
-J wet the bed.
-J wet at the breakfast table.
-J late to daycare.
-I was late heading off to uni
-Thought I was having a fight with the husband
-Parking meter stole my money
-Tutorial cancelled by email, but didn't find out til time to start

Anyways - off to rewrite this essay :( Long night ahead for me!