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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Successful morning!

Ah! Back from the doctors!
I tell the doctor that I'm forever panicky about this baby. I tell her that I mowed on Friday afternoon and hurt myself. I ate pizza on Sunday - to which I'm told no greasy food :'( - Grocery shopped on Monday and hurt myself. Reversing my car on Tuesday hurt, cleaned out and made a nursery yesterday (ooh! Must put up a photo for you ! ) aaaand hurt myself. All in the same spot. My sciatica was playing up last night at work and when I got home from work last night my arms had 'restless legs'... you know, restless legs? Well, it was my forearms. Anyway. My blood pressure seems to be consistent... I can't remember what the last ones were, but today was 99/60 (optimum is 120/80). It may seem like nothing exciting, but I like knowing now that I'm a nursing student, it actually makes sense!  Urine test I had done, first was fine. 2nd had leukocytes (white blood cells) and epithelial cells (from the lining of the bladder). So no UTI, but I need to do another urine test anyway to check for other leukocytes. She did tell me why, but I forgot.  Printed out my ultrasound referral. Anyway, moving on. We check for baby's heartbeat. Doctor gets out the doppler and we listen. And listen. And listen. Ok. Starting to freak out now. Doctor has a sore back so she grabs a stool so she can sit down. OK. Listening.... What seems like 10 mins (although I'm sure it's less than 5) we FINALLY hear a heartbeat. Oh baby, you make mummy panic! This is not a game! Get bigger so I can feel you kick! :D

After leaving the doctor, I call Andrew to see if he's ok to take the day off on a Friday coming so we can go to Straddie for our camping holiday. He just tells me to come to his work. So I go and hang out with him for an hour, organise the days we're going and his days off.  Now I have to see if I can wrangle leaving 30 mins early from the last day of prac so we can make the 3pm barge.

While I'm there, I book my 18-20 week morphology ultrasound. I call up and book it for 2 weeks. I'll be 19 wks then. The guy tells me that I'm lucky, that they're normally booked out up to 6 weeks in advance, that it must be quiet this time of year for morphology scans.  I'm booked in for 9am on that Friday, and best of all, I'll be BULK BILLED! Oh, that is awesome!! Only problem is, I'll be going on my own. Andrew can't get time off work, and mum and Monica work. There's no one else. :( 

I go and hand in some paperwork to the real estate, to extend our lease and head over to pay for our camping trip. So it's paid for!  The weekend after my uni placement is dedicated to camping! Fingers crossed it's HOT and not rainy or windy. There's a play ground and it's right near a patrolled beach. I can't wait! I'm so excited!

And I changed my address with Queensland Transport. lol we've only been here 11 months!

All in all, a successful morning. I hope work goes quickly! A girl at work is giving me a baby bath and bouncer coz she's been given 3 of each! Aaaah freee-beeees!
Ah, I'm starting to freak out!  Still paranoid about this baby! My appt is in 20 mins and I just want to know!!!  I  know there is nothing for me to worry about, and yet I do.

I was in some pain last night when I got home - sciatic pain, pain just above my pelvic bone, back pain and then when I was lying there trying to go to sleep, I was ITCHY. Then my arms felt like they had restless leg syndrome, and so did my legs :(

On the upside, I found a boomerang pillow when I cleaned out the spare room yesterday (actually, I cleaned out the spare room AND Jensen's room and it was in Jensen's room that I found the boomerang pillow). I slept with it on one side of the bed so I couldn't roll over onto my tummy - my fave sleeping position! -  and oh! I slept so well! Hope it's as good tonight!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


as if I'm not paranoid enough through this pregnancy, panicking that the baby has no heart beep... I have a dr appt tomorrow for 2 reasons, 1. Get referral for 18-20wk scan, 2. Hear babys heart beep (that's what Jensen calls it). I hurt so it's sorta 3 reasons.

Anyway, I'm paranoid already, and people ask how far along I am. I tell them
(17wks at the moment) and they all tell
me "oh, you don't look pregnant!"

I don't know if that's supposed to be a compliment, or what.. But holy moly my clothes don't fit and my belly sticks out and if I don't look pregnant how the hell much fat did I look before??

So not only do I not feel pregnant, I don't look like it either. Fantastic :(


This is my post from a thread on the BellyBelly forum. I just thought I'd share for the non-BellyBelly people out there:

My whinge for today:
Dear DH - I am not your slave. It's not hard to put dishes in the dishwasher and press a button. I am not the only one who uses plates and cutlery. Man up and show your son how to do housework. Also, that thing you built 2 weekends ago, clean it up... It's not attractive to see soggy-from-the-rain bits of sawn wood and wood shavings all over the outdoor furniture. YOUR friends are coming round this weekend, if you're going to live like a slob, lets not see them see it ok? Dirty clothes go in the dirty clothes basket, not the floor 50cm from it, boots go outside, dress your son appropriately for the weather, and I don't like when I get home from work at 230 in the afternoon to seeds still in his pajamas. It means you've done f-all, laid on the couch and not played with him outside.

DS - pick up your toys. Mummy is sick of picking up after your father, I'm sure as hell not going to be doing everything for you too... Learn to go to sleep in your own bed. While mummy loves snuggling up to you to get you to sleep, you're going to have to learn to share mummy very soon. Nanna bought you that expensive solar system mobile thing so you would go to sleep in your own bed... How about we do that instead? Bed time is 730 (BTW DH - that means you get to help put him back to bed when he gets back out again REGARDLESS of what you want to watch on TV).

Baby - move, kick, give me back morning sickness *something* so I know you're still ok in there. I am so paranoid I've done something wrong, I'm sick of going to the DR, legitimately I might add, so I can hear you're heart beep in there. Oh, and please help me to sleep a little more comfy, coz you're still going to be in there a while.

Cats - feed yourself and stop crying at the door every time you hear me get up to pee, coz that's quite frequent.

Grass - stop growing. DH wont mow you.

Rain - Can you stay away for a while? Least until the summer storm season?

Uni - help me focus better coz you're sorta boring and I just really want to pass.

Dust and dirt - stay out of my house. I'm sick of sweeping 3 times a day

work - please be easy tonight, I've over done it already today.

Sister - stop showing off all your new stuff. It's kind of bragging without bragging. And if I don't want to buy your pram, then I have the right to say so. Don't whinge.

DS's other sandal shoe that cost me a fortune - stop hiding! I'd like him to wear the shoes before he doesn't fit them any more! 

BB Ticker... tick over already. I have not been 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant for the last 3 days. Thankyou

hmmm.. I think that's it for now 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Andrew has finally decided it's time to read my blog! It's nothing he doesn't already know! :) When I left for work this morning, the floor has still not been vaccuumed and apparently, it's hard to stack the dishwasher.

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday to see the ob at the hospital. When I booked in to see the doctor, I could either have Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, and once I picked a day, I had to stay with that doctor for the rest of my pregnancy. When my name was called to go into my appointment, I was extremely pleased to find that it was an (and no offense is meant here...) Australian female doctor!!  To be honest, I was expecting a man, an Indian or Pakistani or something... So this was a nice surprise. Good too, coz I had to have a breast exam, so the top half of me was off, and then - surprise! a pap smear too! So that poor doctor had to see literally all of me. We've heard baby's heart beat on many occassions, but I still have this nagging idea in the back of my mind that something's going to go wrong. I am just so worried this time around.

A few months before being pregnant, I had a real issue with milk and milk icecream. Gives me a real upset tummy, and it's quite painful. The first few weeks (right up til this week, so 16wks) Baby has liked milk and icecream and anything milky really. Last night I had icecream and I was in so much pain (it's not really pain, it's more discomfort, bloating and all kinds of uncomfortable), so I have no idea whats going on. I have to make an appt to get a referral for the 18-20wk ultrasound, so I'll ask about it then. Probably not much the dr can do about it anyway, just yet at least. Perhaps I should find some soy icecream or something.... When Jensen was only a few weeks old, I noticed if I had soy milk on my breakfast, he'd not be so colicky at night. I intend to see if that trend follows.

I'm at work at the moment, so I'll come back a bit later to finsh off catching up ! :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

September pictures!

The monkey before his haircut
After his haircut. The little moped thing is for little kids to sit on during their haircut.
Jensen chose to sit on the motorbike.
Visiting baby Matilda in the hospital
Listening to Daddy's foot with Mummy's stethoscope
Riding his little bike. And sadly, no, that's not our house.
the freaking big carpet snake at Daycare Lady's house!
there's an ap on my iPhone that let's J colour in...
Somehow he saved the picture.  So I thought I'd share :)
"Mummy, I'm studying!"

So proud of Daddy's creation!

"Where's my steering wheel!?!?"

The latest 'Mummy and Me' photo :)

Andrew has decided to take it upon himself to build a racing set up for when he plays his PS3 racing games. He told me this morning that in the next 2 months it needs to be built. Dragging me to bunnings to look at timber, he describes what he wants to make. What I imagine and what he imagines are totally different. So we come home and he looks it up on the internet. He finds this:

And that's what he wants to make. It's made from MDF. So he decides back to bunnings he goes to get supplies. He's gone for about an hour and a half and comes back with some timber and tools. By this time Jensen is napping, thankfully otherwise it would have taken longer. After asking for my assistance and sitting on Jensen's toy ratchet (which was hilarious!), 3 hours later hey presto ! He has completed what he calls Marque 1...

obviously,it's only  just  been completed coz he hasn't cleaned up yet and coincidently Jensen's only just  woken up! What timing!

Andrew's testing it out now, but he's promised me he'll vacuum... To be seen I guess ! (I'll post a pic of that too, if it happens!)

Pregnancy hormones

Pregnancy hormones. Gotta love them. I was happily listening to Taylor Swift's album Fearless  in the car yesterday. There's a particular song that I thought was a beautiful song. It's called  The Best Day . I was trying to work it out what it was about. At first I thought it was about a girl and  her friend, a boy, who was a little bit older... Then I was listening to it and it hit me that it's about the girl and her mother.

Now if you've read my older posts, some of them mention my mother. We didn't get along during my teenage years, mostly my fault. I'll never get them back, and neither will she, to do it all over again. This song makes me so sad :( WAAH, got me crying again just thinking about it.

However, Tuesday just gone, she was supposed to spend the day with Jensen and I, but she had to work. We ended up meeting up with her after she finished work, and for the 3 or so hours we shopped, I actually did have one of the best days with her. :) I can't wait til I have some money, or am closer to baby being born - or both! - to do it again, but spend more time!


So. Finally Jensen is on the mend. He's had a cold/flu thing for at least 2 months now. It's been so frustrating with him waking up like 4 times a night, snot constantly pouring from his face a cough that makes him gag like he's about to throw up and no morning/night appetite (yet he'd eat during the day at daycare...). Last week they finally sent me for an x-ray, to rule out pneumonia.  It took 7.5 wks for a doctor to take me seriously. Thankfully, the x-ray was clear for pneumonia. The result says other stuff, but I have no idea what it means. So, we're on the 3rd round of antibiotics, but YESTERDAY when he got up he was very chatty and said : "Mummy, are you hungry?" I said that I was. He replied "Oh good ! Me too! " and he ate a bowl of cornflakes. From the last two months fighting to feed him breakfast, the bowl was empty!! Then he ate everything I sent to daycare for lunch AND he ate a toasted sandwich for dinner! I am so thrilled! 

Friday, 17 September 2010

Well, it's been a while. And I do mean to get in here more often, but I've just been busy. I say this each time, but yeah, it's true.

I realized yesterday, while I was cooking dinner for the family after I got home from uni and before I left for work, that I have absolutely no time for myself. Hence the lack of blog entries.

I intend to amend this. For Jensen, I documented when I told people, when movements happened, when we painted his room etc. I haven't done that at all for this bub. I feel a bit bad. So, I'll have to make a post, or a blog totally dedicated to baby.

Ok. I'm 15 weeks now. Mondays are my 'rollover' day, so not long now til 16 wks. Last week (on a wednesday), so 14 wks, I was in a lab class where we get to practice techniques on each other. I got to be the patient. So I'm lying down and the girls are palpating my abdomen, and now you can feel the uterus. So they felt it and they stepped away and omg ! A movement! So early! It was a definite movement from baby! Shame they missed it! I have been feeling little movements since then, nothing quite as full on, but little ones none the less. Andrew and Jensen can't feel it yet, but it's there. Can't wait til they can. 

I 'popped' really early too this time. Perhaps coz I'm between 15-20kg lighter this time round. Perhaps it's because apparently thats the way it happens the 2nd time round. I've got sciatic pain, that really only seems to play up at work. How convenient.

I read on a online forum all these threads started about stillborn babies, or late miscarriages. It's totally heartbreaking and while I'm devastated for those families, all I can think is I hope it doesn't happen to me, and have this fear that it will (and I've had this fear the whole time so far). Andrew has come home the other night and tells me that his cousin's wife has just lost their baby. She was not quite 21 weeks pregnant yet, and miscarried. Now I'm worried that it's going to happen to me.  He wanted to know why I'm more worried now that I know that his cousin's wife has miscarried, than I was after reading on the forum. I never mentioned to him before that I had this fear, but now that it's happened in Andrew's family, I'm even more worried.. genetics or something.

I gotta quickly scoff my lunch and pick up Jensen and get ready to go to the dr.... Something for another post ;)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

I feel guilty. I shouldn't. I have no reason to.  But I am finding it hard to get excited about being pregnant. But HEY! I'm PREGNANT! :) I am getting fat.

I've told family, and uni friends, but for some reason, I'm incredibly hesitant on telling facebook and work.  I have a performance review at work this afternoon, but not sure if I should tell them or not. People are going to find out at some point.

It's all very real. I have sciatic pain, especially at work. It runs from my tailbone down my right leg. Makes it incredibly hard to stand or walk. But I go in anyway.

We had the 13wk nuchal scan - that looks for downs syndrome etc - and we are in the very very low category. I was never worried that baby could have it, but I think the scan sorta ended up being another "proof" moment. Baby was very active, waving it's hands and rolling over and being very busy... probably because Jensen wouldn't be quiet all morning on the way there. It's going to love the sound of it's big brother's voice!

I have no idea why I feel this way, and would really like it to stop. I worry too that for some reason we are going to miscarry. I'm sure it's every parents nightmare, and everyone worries about it.  But we are in the 2nd trimester now,  so we are in for the long haul.

Maybe all these fears and worries will disappear, or at least change, when I start to feel baby move.

Baby at 13wk and 1 day gestation. Baby has it's hand in front of it's face! :)

Baby also needs a nickname. Jensen thinks it's a boy, Andrew thinks it's a boy. I don't mind what it is, as long as it's healthy. Both my mum and mother in law want a girl...

The daycare lady wants to come to the 18-20wk scan so SHE can find out the sex of baby, and I'm sure my mum and mother in law do too. Sadly, they're all going to be disappointed :)