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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Andrew has decided to take it upon himself to build a racing set up for when he plays his PS3 racing games. He told me this morning that in the next 2 months it needs to be built. Dragging me to bunnings to look at timber, he describes what he wants to make. What I imagine and what he imagines are totally different. So we come home and he looks it up on the internet. He finds this:

And that's what he wants to make. It's made from MDF. So he decides back to bunnings he goes to get supplies. He's gone for about an hour and a half and comes back with some timber and tools. By this time Jensen is napping, thankfully otherwise it would have taken longer. After asking for my assistance and sitting on Jensen's toy ratchet (which was hilarious!), 3 hours later hey presto ! He has completed what he calls Marque 1...

obviously,it's only  just  been completed coz he hasn't cleaned up yet and coincidently Jensen's only just  woken up! What timing!

Andrew's testing it out now, but he's promised me he'll vacuum... To be seen I guess ! (I'll post a pic of that too, if it happens!)

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