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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ah, I'm starting to freak out!  Still paranoid about this baby! My appt is in 20 mins and I just want to know!!!  I  know there is nothing for me to worry about, and yet I do.

I was in some pain last night when I got home - sciatic pain, pain just above my pelvic bone, back pain and then when I was lying there trying to go to sleep, I was ITCHY. Then my arms felt like they had restless leg syndrome, and so did my legs :(

On the upside, I found a boomerang pillow when I cleaned out the spare room yesterday (actually, I cleaned out the spare room AND Jensen's room and it was in Jensen's room that I found the boomerang pillow). I slept with it on one side of the bed so I couldn't roll over onto my tummy - my fave sleeping position! -  and oh! I slept so well! Hope it's as good tonight!

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