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Monday, 13 June 2011

I've had a sore wrist since 2 months before Eden was born. I've been told it's de quervein s tenosynovitis by 2 dr's. Now I've been given a referral to see a physio. I hope it can be bulk billed coz we have no money for something like that.

I have enrolled in uni for next semester for a first year subject I didn't do so well in, and will enrol in an elective as well- an online one- making 3rd year easier a bit. The hard part is every 2nd week there is a lab class that I have to leave Eden for 3 hour- 4 if you include travel. I hope she's going to take a bottle. So worried she's just going to scream at the friend that has graciously stepped in to look after her.
Even just reading and not posting I missed something. Do what works for you, I say.

Thinks are going well here, except Eden has had a runny nose for the last two days and a a wet cough that's getting worse, and of course today's a public holiday and no dr's open. I know they won't be able to give me anything, but they can hopefully reassure me it's nothing to worry about.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jensen has been rough with the other kids at daycare and playgroup. He was pushing his foot on a girl at playgroup coz he wanted her toy. Got told off and did it again. Naughty corner. Then got to play on the sandpit. Apparently the kid wouldn't give him the spade, so he threw sand at everyone. Naughty corner again. When asked why he just said 'coz I want to play by myself'. The next day, we were at home and the daycare lady came round with the kids. Jensen hit one of the boys with his lunch tin, again saying he just wanted to play by himself. When Andrew got home, we took his train table away as punishment ( we had given warnings). He wasn't very happy about it, but eventually calmed down to listen to us explain why we did what we did.
So we started a star chart, one star for each day he behaves himself. No hitting or fighting or backchatting. We just keep reminding him (when he looks like being about to start whinging or something) that if he plays up he won't get 7 stars (one for each day of the week) and get his traintable back. If he has a sleep through the day, then he gets 2 stars (although that won't count at daycare, coz he sleeps there but not at home). Whether the system is working or not I'm not sure. He asked for it twice Friday but not at all Saturday. Makes me wonder if he actually misses it!

2 stars down though, 5 to go!
Up early for a feed at 3:30 with Eden. She had one side, but woke up as I was putting her back to bed. Tried the other side and although she had some, she fussed and carried on. She was asleep on my lap when she had a little spew. As I was sitting her up, she had another one, but massive. It went straight up in the the air and landed splat on her face, with some over me and the bed. I asked her if she was ok and she gave me this massive grin through a spew face. She's alright :) cleaned off and the spew, changed her clothes, my clothes and have put a towel down coz Andrews not changing the sheet at 4:15 on the morning!
She's asleep again now, but with a snuffly nose so she sounds like she's purring.

Have turned the bread machine on, so we'll have bread for breakfast!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Trying to teach Jensen to read small words last night, starting with 'at'. I asked 'what does a say' he replied 'a says Amy'... Not quite the answer I was after.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jensen asked me for more "white stuff with the sprinkles on the bottom".

More naan bread ;)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

OMG, how are the attitudes of 3 year olds? Andrew was walking down the hallway to Jensen and hadn't even for half way when he called out "no! I said MUMMY!"
Jensen wanted to listen to one of those story books that come with a cd. I told him his cd player isn't working (coz it's jot plugged in). Jensen told me:
"you know what you need to do? You need to turn this light off, go out there and turn that one on and then you can plug the cd player back in"
So, I've been feeling a little low lately.

  • Sad my baby girl is now 2 months old and no longer a "newborn".
  • Sad that she has way more clothes than what Jensen ever did.  She has a whole basket of clothes for her just to grow into (from sizes 00 all the way up to 2's,  I think I even saw some 3's, and even a 6!). I joked to my Mother In Law that I'll have to change Eden's whole outfit at every nappy change for her to get a wear out of everything.
  • Sad Jensen never got 'showered' with clothes like Eden has.
  • Sad Jensen has resorted to being needy and feigning helplessness. I know, and he knows, the things he can do and he's now saying he can't do it, that he needs help. Wont even try to do it himself.
  • Upset Jensen no longer sleeps through the night at 3 1/2 anymore, screaming out for Mummy (and no way can Daddy comfort him), asking to go to bed in our bed and not his own, or when he screams out in the middle of the night, can he climb into our bed, or can I lie down in his bed with him. It's at least once a night that this happens, on occassion 2. Eden still wakes at least twice a night.
  • Upset that I failed a 1st year subject last year at uni and have to repeat it this coming semester. That I have to leave my baby for 2 hours (every fortnight) to complete a lab session. I'm dragging her to lectures, just let them try and stop me.
  • Depressed at how I look. I have 5kg left to lose from before I was pregnant with Eden. It's not budging. I'm going to the gym for the last 3 weeks. I've been doing a pump class each Tuesday night,  last thursday morning did a body balance class (and was so motivated after!) and Monday did a bodyvibe class before Jensen's swimming lesson. I've decided this is my new routine. Monday morning - body vibe, Tuesday night bodypump (and depending on my body/Eden's feeds) followed by body combat and Thursday morning body balance. The problem is, so far, its not doing much. I can still see what I look like in those terrible mirrors they have either side of the class room. Even sitting on the floor doing stretches I look terrible with bulges everywhere. Andrew sees a personal trainer once a week and you can notice the difference in him, but nothing with me.
  • Unhappy that no one in this house (looking at Andrew and Jensen for this) cleans up for themselves, and expects me to do it. How hard is it to clean 3 bowls and 3 spoons? Or keep the kitchen bench clean and clear of everything? Keep your side of the room clean or pick up toys? Just for once, I'd love to come home and have everything clean and I didn't have to do it.
  • Upset we have money trouble. We're always late for this payment, or don't have enough for this bill or that bill this fortnight, or a phone call from a creditor. I'd really like to be able to save for a holiday.

Anyway, enough of the downers, I have to make dinner before Eden wakes and I have to pick Jensen up from daycare. If you want to know what I'm having, head over here. If you want to follow my boring-as fitness blog this is the link. If you'd rather not know, then that's fine too :)