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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jensen has been rough with the other kids at daycare and playgroup. He was pushing his foot on a girl at playgroup coz he wanted her toy. Got told off and did it again. Naughty corner. Then got to play on the sandpit. Apparently the kid wouldn't give him the spade, so he threw sand at everyone. Naughty corner again. When asked why he just said 'coz I want to play by myself'. The next day, we were at home and the daycare lady came round with the kids. Jensen hit one of the boys with his lunch tin, again saying he just wanted to play by himself. When Andrew got home, we took his train table away as punishment ( we had given warnings). He wasn't very happy about it, but eventually calmed down to listen to us explain why we did what we did.
So we started a star chart, one star for each day he behaves himself. No hitting or fighting or backchatting. We just keep reminding him (when he looks like being about to start whinging or something) that if he plays up he won't get 7 stars (one for each day of the week) and get his traintable back. If he has a sleep through the day, then he gets 2 stars (although that won't count at daycare, coz he sleeps there but not at home). Whether the system is working or not I'm not sure. He asked for it twice Friday but not at all Saturday. Makes me wonder if he actually misses it!

2 stars down though, 5 to go!

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