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Monday, 13 June 2011

I've had a sore wrist since 2 months before Eden was born. I've been told it's de quervein s tenosynovitis by 2 dr's. Now I've been given a referral to see a physio. I hope it can be bulk billed coz we have no money for something like that.

I have enrolled in uni for next semester for a first year subject I didn't do so well in, and will enrol in an elective as well- an online one- making 3rd year easier a bit. The hard part is every 2nd week there is a lab class that I have to leave Eden for 3 hour- 4 if you include travel. I hope she's going to take a bottle. So worried she's just going to scream at the friend that has graciously stepped in to look after her.

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