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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Target Toy Sale

Product Talk by Nuffnang
Ok, so I haven't received a product to test, but I'm putting my name out there to win something... I'm all for winning - aren't you?

The Target Toy Sale starts tomorrow, and I thought I'd test out the Early Bird Layby system.

After scanning the online catalogue, picking out all the fantastic (but sometimes expensive) toys, I've picked the ones I'd like for my children.  I never realised how much harder christmas was going to be with two children! If I'd have had two boys instead of a boy and a girl, I'd have found things that was individual, but could still share. Its kinda pink or blue with toys it seems...

I  digress.

If you know what category the toy you are after falls into, great! You are on your way!  Head there and add it to your 'basket'. If not, use the search box. Or, alternatively, refer back to the catalogue, the toys are sorted into categories there...

I used the search box, but found it either too general with the results, or it yielded no results. Also, not everything in the catalogue is available in the online layby system. Bit of a pain, really. For example - the Leap Frog Tag Reading system pen is featured in the catalogue, but is not featured for early layby. You can early layby the books that you use with the reading pen, but not the actual 'console'... Disappointing, as we don't have the 'console'. I'll just have to brave the crowds.

The actual toy sale is great! 50% off some things! I did see one item (hmmm, do I name it?) that is marked as 'new' which my son received for his 1st birthday - he's 4 next month. Not really 'new', is it? Perhaps just new to Target?

I visited another toy sale recently (store to remained unnamed) to layby a certain video game accessory. Stores opened at 9 the day the sale started. By 9:30 (when I rang to check if there was stock), ALL stores were out, wouldn't give me a raincheck and werent getting more in... Will Target be the same? Do they price match if another retailer has the same item (not on sale) cheaper? I've normally found Target to be quite good with staf and policies, so here's to a great toy sale!

Enjoy! May you find what your kids want (or you want them to have!)!!

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