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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I'm back baby!

Ok. It's been a while. I haven't meant for it to be. I had a whole post written on my phone, but the cyber sock monster got it.

The week before Eden was 3 months old, she developed a horrible cough. Turns out she had croup.  She was given something for it (for the life of me can't remember what called...) It had worked for 3 days, then it came back. Went back on the medication, this time with some antibiotics,  and she just got worse. Over that weekend, the cough went from being croup to being bronchiolitis. The cough was worse and we ended up at the hospital. Because she was happy and smiling at the doctors, even while she was coughing and struggling to breathe, she wasn't admitted. By the time the croup and bronchiolitis had finished, Eden was 3 and half months... so nearly 4 weeks she was sick ! She was an excellent sleeper before she got sick. Slept 9pm-ish to 4am. From 6 weeks old she was sleeping like this. Now, at 4 months, her sleep is terrible. Wakes every 2hours. And not just shh shh go back to sleep, either... Full on feed each time. It's easing off though. She'll sleep 9pm-ish to 3am, then cluster feeds every 60-90 mins until dawn. Takes a lot out of me.

He was sick at the same time as Eden. Made looking after a sick infant even harder. With a sick infant, you can breastfeed and settle them. It makes them sleepy and feel good. With a 3yo, it's harder and omg, do they whinge! Thankfully, he recovered more quickly than Eden. The whole 'green' issue has raised it's head again. I  (and the daycare lady) seem to think it's an issue. Everything has to be green. If it's green - it's Jensens. To colour in, it's the green pencil - and every other shade of green he can find. The kid at daycare had a green train ('Percy' for those in the know ;) ), and he was about a metre from the front door. Jensen walked in and tried to snatch it from him and said "it's mine! it's mine!". Purely because it was green. not sure what we're going to do. Jensen is also a bit clumsy at the moment, and trips over his feet.

I insanely have decided to go back to uni. Lectures started this week. I haven't gone into the uni for the 1st lecture because I have Jensen with me on that day. Besides, it's a stupid hour (3pm-6pm). I'm not doing that with a 3yo and 4month old... Mum is going to look after Eden every 2nd Tuesday while I'm in my lab class. I don't know how that's going to go yet, coz Eden wont take to a bottle. I also started at the gym. First all, just to do a class (I wanted to do BodyBalance), but now I do 2 classes a week (BodyBalance and Pump). I enjoy it, but it's not doing anything. I'm not losing any weight :( Might have to step it up a bit...

Not sure what else I was going to say, but that's the catch up. I'll try and blog more often.  August challenge... blog everyday!

I'm going to make a facebook 'Like' page, try and get this out there - get some new readers, more ideas of things I can do at home, things to blog about... Hopefully, it'll make me a better writer, person, etc. More interesting would help :) Make sure you head on over and 'like' the page :)

Coming up in August : Jensen's 4th Birthday!

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