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Sunday, 31 August 2014

25 - 31 August 2014

25 August

Eden wrote her name #threenager

She had another go. Much more focused!

26 August
an hour and a half early for my computer lab. Boring. Guess I'll work on this assignment.

27 August
Jensen just said to me : "I like your expression!" Turns out I was smiling... I'm not sure how to take that...

Oh, come on Apple. This is a joke. I have only just had this problem fixed last month..... AND I have an assignment due Friday. NOT happy

28 August
Another trip booked to the Genius Bar at the Apple store tomorrow  stupid MacBook.

29 August
Thank God it's Friday. Assignment draft submitted, even with all the drama (including ms word drama at 5am on Robert's laptop). Now to sort of my laptop out.

So, apparently, I need parkrun barcodes for tomorrow...

30 August
Park run (walk) time: 56:47. I'm obviously unaccustomed to walking, coz now my legs ache.

31 August
It begins!
Swimming season is nearly here!

My board game buddy

Saturday, 23 August 2014

15-23 August 2014

15 August:
Another day off for Jensen, though I would have sent him. So, then, no uni for me either. This assignment is never going to get done.

16 August:
17 August:
Eden, in her delirium last night, was telling me about Megan and her baby. Apparently she watched Cars movie there. Today, this same Megan has " a baby in her tummy". She is adamant that there is a Megan. My brain is in sick mode - who IS this Megan??

24mini cupcakes, badly iced for J's birthday tomorrow at school #7thbirthday

Fever Eden keeps muttering and saying weird things. She's awake, but "Jensen needs to move over" (he's in his own bed) and "what did you say, mum?" (When I said nothing) is kinda freaking me out. I already think I can hear things outside.

18 August:
Good thing I was feeling better by last night, because Eden was a nightmare. At one point she couldn't remember where pillows went. Right now, she's having a chat to someone, while she sleeps at the end I'd the bed (coz, remember, that's where pillows go). Please, world, be kind today

Poster, Lego shirt, Jedi shirt, skylander, bell and bicycle seat, Lego movie, Lego Star Wars game, and a plush Spider-Man (which has been claimed by E). #happy7thbirthday #ibuypresentsthroughtheyearandforget


19 August
This assignment is bat-shit boring.

20 August
Not a happy camper

Jensen was going to go to Book week as Harry Potter... We have glasses and a tie, and I can draw a scar - but what else does he need??

Next year, I will not leave book week dress up til the night before...

Can you guess what he's going as for #bookweek ?

22 August

23 August
Excuse the stupid look on my face, I was kinda burning. #hottea #hospitalvisit
Never ever muck around with (and behind) your husband
with a freshly boiled hot cup of tea in your hand.
 This is what happens.
You have been warned.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August 8-14 2014

surely mr-nearly-seven isn't normal. Eat your freaking dinner kid. Lamb chops are NOT chewy, so stop acting like you're choking to death... (This is not limited to lamb, it's ANY meat). Tell me someone else has this problem.

crazy raving mummy has calmed down now the kids bedrooms are clean. Shame it was at Eden's bedtime. All she wanted to do was sleep. I must be the worst mother ever (according to Andrew).

Eden comes toddling in at 1130pm. I say hello, she replies sadly "I didn't brush my teeth"

Camp oven grub
check out RANGER NICK Bush cooking celeb chef!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

August 1-7 2014

Eden: "can I please have 3 cashews"?
I accidentally hand her 4.
Eden: "that's 4, I only wanted 3."
Me: "ok, I'll have one back"
Eden gives me one back and skips off happy. Ok. I was not expecting that.

freaking out a little about the assessments for this semesters courses. One is due on the 29th of August, 2500 words and worth 50%

It's only 8am, as I have a 3hr dentist appointment, it's giant fee, I'm down at the Gold Coast and my car has overheated.

Waiting on a tow truck. On the plus side, what looks like district school athletics on the field opposite me, decently priced hot choc (made on almond milk), and uni wifi. 

This was not a kitten or puppy. This was a 3 yr old being Rapunzel.

Monica was telling Jensen : "The ekka starts tomorrow. The exhibition. There are rides and show bags. People even come from the country to see it."
Jensen (appalled and disgusted) : "What? They come to watch people die? The execution?!?"

Whose brilliant idea was it to use the pressure cooker? Oh. Mine. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...