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Friday, 28 May 2010

On a lighter note


In the car on the way to the doctor, Jensen calls out "Daleks!" I said "There are no Daleks here", he's said "Yep. Daleks. Exterminate!"   Crazy kid!

I've made cupcakes, from and mmmm they're tasty! Icing failed (coz I always suck at making icing), so it just 
doesn't look great like hers.

Tried to mow coz we have people coming over in the morning for a Mary Kay party I'm holding for my cousin [who's a demonstrator. I must say, when I was a Tupperware demonstrator, she never held a party for me :( ] Mower doesn't start. I just wish my husband had 
mowed when I asked him to.

Just gotten back from visiting my mum and her mum. My grandma has had a fall :( 
Apparently one more fall and they have to move her to a different section of the nursing

NOW>>> what to have for dinner??

Facebook rant

AAAAHHHHHHHH. F*&K. I told myself I never wanted to swear on my blog, but some people just irk me beyond belief.

The back story.
Andrew's 'friend' from high school (who is creepy and really made the wrong first impression on me) and Andrew have this thing where they try to better each other. I don't think it's a conscience thing though. Anyways, the friend's wife has decided this year that she wants to do a course. She couldn't decide on Teacher's Aide, Aged Care or Nursing. She's put it out on facebook to gauge opinions. Asked me lots of questions (as I've done my cert III Aged Care, that's where I work and I'm studying Nursing). She decided on Teacher's Aide. I'm pretty sure it's only a TAFE course, but don't hold me to that.

I'm a stickler (but you can't always tell) for punctuation and correct spelling and grammar.

In hindsight, this is really petty. The girl (I say girl, but she's 3 years older than me) can't spell. Or use correct grammar. While I'm slaving away at uni, having to write the perfect essay, she's writing her own essays and assignments, handing them in and bragging that she got an A on her assignment (or however it is marked).  Whoop-dee-do, probably only one of those pass or fail (or competent/not yet competent) marks.  She has 2 kids (a 3yo and a 2yo), married and is doing this course from home. The kids go to day care. She doesn't work. Of course she's going to have time to get her assignments done and submitted.

Anyway,  last night she changed her status to talk about her day on prac at school. She said she had a great day, she loved helping the kids with their spelling and  "helped kids compleate a task they wouldnt have normally compleated". WTF? You're teaching kids to spell??

I've commented on her status "I hope one of the spelling words wasn't completed".

I'd had enough. Why should the next generation of kids suffer with poor spelling (and grammar - but for today's rant, it's spelling)?  It's disgusting how they spell. There are many other things wrong with some kids, but for now, it's just their grasp of the English language.

This is not helping.

Today, I check back to see what she's commented in return. It's been deleted!  Um, Facebook is public. If you don't want someone to comment (or criticize) what you say, don't make it your status. Really.

So, and I was completely riled, I created my own status:

wtf? One of my comments has been deleted from someone's status. If you can't handle it, for a start - READ it before you post it, and don't expect me not to correct you. Grow up.

To which the reply was (and I've copied and pasted this) : I was actually saving you from embarrissing yourself. You were the rude one. Sometimes things just dont need to be said. And about the not expecting you to correct me part, Welll then don't!!!

Me: I wasn't embarrassing myself. Sure, I may have been rude. I'm not going to apologise for that.

M (keeping names confidential) has said :
Personally I think everyone has the right to thier own opinion - and I think it's quite rude of YOU to suggest that would be embaressing herself by expressing that opinion! Why put something on your status if you DONT want people to comment??? Seems kind of stupid to me!!!!

Another retort from the girl : Well obviously going by all your comments I'm allowed an opinion too and that was mine. And it's my page I can do as I please. I'm sick to death of facebook fights so how bout we just leave it at that.

I was so angry. You are educating children the WRONG thing.  You have 2 children of your own!?! Wait til they come home with a 4/100 mark on their spelling test. Then we'll see.

Anyway. I put my computer down and did other things, and have come back 3 hours later, to find, I've been removed from her friends list. lol Really. I commented - a sort of constructive criticism. She's removed me. Her loss. She said she was over fights on facebook. I didn't start one. She ended it. 

Ah well.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Free time post!

At work. Must blog!

Essay is finished! May not be right, but it's finished. The lecturer was telling us all this information and then her mantra, which was - "If you can't get it right, get it written". So folks. I've got it written! I don't want to bore you with it, but if it scores well, I'll post it.

I went to uni, dropped the essay in, but I was reading the checklist and it asks for 10 or more references, most of which to be peer-reviewed (for those out there who don't know- coz I didn't - it's a journal article or "periodical"). I have 1 on my list. Oh dear. I don't know how bad I'm going to be marked for that, but all I need is 50% so cross your fingers for me!

Can you believe, the moment I completed that essay, there was a HUGE weight off my shoulders, and all I could think was : now I can blog! :p Priorities!

I've made some Cornflake and Saltana cookies, which will be added to Food For The Frugal (FTTF) tonight, probably around 11pm (when I get home from work), so keep a look out for that! Also, I made the Tomato and Basil Lasange from FTTF, so I'll let you know what the family think of that!

Must go! Work to be done!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Blogging addiction

Ok. Yes. I admit it. I'm a blogger. It's so much more addictive than facebook ever was! I've started a 2nd blog: Food For The Frugal, and have 2 more in mind :)

Makes this a total of 4 blogs. And I have this compulsive need to check for comments, and write, read, add stuff to my posts. Daily. Some entries have been added one after the other on the same day, within minutes. It also takes away my free time (for example, I have an hour before a tutorial at uni, and here I am, blogging ). Or I'm lying in bed, everything packed away, and think oh! I forgot to blog that! Or, I really should be doing my essay (again, what I should be doing right now).

However, I was watching House  and the patient was a compulsive blogger. I understood where she came from with letting people know what I'm thinking. I'd love my husband to read it. It puts into words what I can't put into words for him (fear of retaliation, anger, interruption etc), but he wont.

But do we share too much? I don't think I've given away too much personal information (ie: so you can't track me down), but enough background information for an informative blog (as much as mine are ...)

How much blogging is too much??

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Blog updates

Food for the Frugal finally has recipes!

For now, they're just recipes I had close to hand. The others, more frugal ones, are scattered over my office. Once my essay is written, more will be uploaded. Somewhere between work, family, uni, study for Anatomy, Psychosocial and Communication assessments and sleep. 

Oh! And there's a new blog coming too!!  You'll have to wait and see!! shh! 
(I reckon it'll be up in the June holidays, so please don't hold your breath for it! )

Have much to do and work tomorrow, 

love, sweet love!

My husband, unfortunately, is not the overly romantic kind. Unlucky me.

However, last night, with some music playing in the background (The Dixie Chicks "Cowboy Take Me Away"), Andrew finds me in the lounge room, packing up to go to bed. He cuddles me, and I cuddle back. Then he starts to sway, and no, not from drinking!  :p   He's actually dancing with me! This from a man who said "no way" to wedding dance at the wedding. We stood there for what felt like ages. No way was I letting this go.

It's amazing, that no matter how long we've been together that he can still surprise me.

Just thought I had to share my moment with you xx

Have you done anything spontaneous tonight?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Food For The Frugal

Food For The Frugal

The new blog has been born!

It's my blog for those trying to save money on their food budget. I had the idea last year, at work, but never got around to doing anything about it.

I have been re-inspired by the $120 Food Challenge. It's not the same. I'm not setting you a budget to live by, just ideas to help you cut your food bill down.

Hope it's useful, coz all these recipes floating 'round my house are frustrating!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

God bless mother-in-laws

Well, mine anyway. She's awesome. She's taught me stitchery, which I'm no good at, helped me with sewing stuff for Jensen, picks up Jensen from daycare if Andrew is going to be late home (only on the days I work, otherwise, that'd just be silly) brings him home, baths him, feeds him, plays with him. Offers Jensen have a sleepover sometimes. Makes dinner for the 5 of us (herself, her husband, Andrew, Jensen and myself) on a Sunday... off tangent - it'd be nice to have a sunday dinner with Andrew's brother James and his fiancĂ©e Sherryn at some point.... must organise.

Last night my mother in law, Monica, has picked up Jensen from daycare. I was at a first aid course. Andrew was working back late at work (obviously). Today, I'm cleaning up my couch - yep we have our "own" couch each - trying to find a pencil and books for this essay I'm writing - the couch is so much more comfy than the kitchen table - and I find an envelope that has been ripped open. 

Now if Jensen draws something, Monica Mr Squiggle's it by creating something out of scribble. There must have been some stimulus in the house, coz this is what I found....

Bless the family sci-fi fans. xx

Friday, 14 May 2010

Today's Library trip

Ok. So it's become evident that this little family of three loves sci-fi.

At the library today, there was a sci-fi exhibit. Someone had made a TARDIS (Doctor Who's 'time machine') and my 2¾ year old (precise, aren't I?) starts calling out "I want to go in the TARDIS!" and "Where's Doctor Who?" It was a little embarrassing but I felt slightly better when I turned around to see if anyone was looking and no-one was.

Trying to avoid looking like a complete weirdo, I tried to take photos of Jensen with the TARDIS. These are as follows... 
(please excuse the quality I was trying to be quick and used my iPhone and the gorillacam ap)


Weight loss

Quick background. I lost a little over 10kg in 2009 with Weight Watchers. I'm still on WW, but I haven't reached Goal yet. It's 3.3kg away. Thats it. So why is it so hard to get there??

The school reunion is in 3 weeks, and I'm desperate to lose the last 3.3kg before then (5kg would be absolutely ideal!) (also, make my boobs look great! Coz I may have been the same weight back then, but my boobs were better!!!) Any suggestions?

I seem to be good at maintaining my weight - it only seems to flucuate with in one kilo window. So maintaining Goal would be easy. 

It's just losing the last, in comparison, teeny tiny bit.


Blogging N U D E!

I have to tell you. I blog nude. ALL the time. I prefer nude. I even like go out and to uni and work nude. 

Freaked out yet? Don't be! By nude, I mean make-up free!

Make up makes me feel clogged up and fake anyway. 

Most of my photos of me are nude (make up free) ones. .
(yes. I am in Target. I have a new haircut here. Trying to take a good photo of myself)
I thought I'd follow the trend (odd, seeing I don't often follow any trend) of blogging nude from the Mummy Mayhem blog.

So if you haven't yet blog nude - DO IT!  You'll feel better for doing it. ;)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

It's decided....

Yep. I was not expecting this so soon. It was to be expected, but I just don't feel old enough yet.

The 10 Year High School Reunion. That's right folks, sconeonamission is Class of 2000. (and now you've all worked out how old I am.... I give away far too much information!)

I have finally decided, after weeks of deliberation, I am going.

It's an informal lunch. Speeches first, then the lunch. On a Sunday. Starting at 1030am. At the school.

Someone told me to "go to the reunion, despite everyone's careers, they're still the same as high school." Um, isn't that a good reason NOT to go?

Back then I was part of the "library girls" (thats what the others referred to us as). Partly coz we sat beside the library, and partly - and dare I say it and die of embarrassment - a library monitor.

I'm not smart, like everyone suggested, just normal with random intellect about useless things.

I'm an AIN and student nurse. It's not as exciting as it sounds. What are we all going to talk about, coz I don't know if I'm up for reminscing about school life. It sucked.

I'm only going to see how everyone turned out, eat lunch, then go home. Who knows who'll want to catch up with me again!

The "Art" of Blogging

The "Art" of Blogging.... Yep, still don't have it. It must be somewhere, stored somewhere cramped in my tiny creative side. I reckon it's right next to stitchery, on top of knitting and below all the sewing I've been meaning to do. I know there's not drawing in there, I didn't get that gift at birth - it went to my sister. :( Stick men is about it.

The language on blogs is amazing. It's not crude, rude, obscene or offensive. More along the lines of professionalism. Lets see if I can go for that. (instead of the online diary it seems to be)

One blog I read had a "2010 To Do" list. I want one.
Another ( quite a few actually) has a list of all the blogs they follow.
Some have a questionaire, but I'm not sure if someone's supposed to ask you, or "tag" you, or you ask yourself.... Perhaps I'll just ask myself (and steal the questions that that blog had - hehehe) and see what the outcome is.

Once I work it out, I'll put those blog links up, perhaps even a thing of websites to visit.

I endevour to make your visit to my blog worthwhile, coz it's all a bit boring right now!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

exams over!!

Again! It's been a while!

This uni stuff takes up more than I realise!!

Firstly, I had an exam on Friday 23rd April for the Psychosocial subject.
Then another exam - Saturday 24 April (at 9am, mind you) for the Perspectives subject. Andrew told me to eat before the exam, but I really ran out of time (too busy cramming for it!) and I didn't. I know I should have now! I couldn't focus and I was so tired I was almost falling asleep during the exam! I was up late the night before (Friday night) completing my Communications 1200 word essay. It wasn't due til Tuesday at 10am, but seeing as I didn't need to be at uni til 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, I handed it in so I could have some sort of long weekend (coz Monday was a public holiday). Instead of studying for the Anatomy exam I had coming up on the following friday, I was over at Karen's working on our Psychosocial presentation. We worked on it til Monday afternoon, then studied all week for Anatomy.

All 3 mid semester exams over! Psychosocial presentation to go! It had to be a group of 3-4 people. One of ours dropped out  and so we had 2. It had to be a 15min presentation, with 5 mins question time from the peanut gallery. All referenced correctly. An example from the media. Informative.

Tuesday just passed (04/05/10) - Anatomy results are back! 45/90 is a pass mark (50%).... I got 63.4%. I passed, and not just by the skin of my teeth, as I was expecting. Keen to get the other exam results back. Hope I passed them too!

Presentation went well. It went for 20 mins! The lecturer said it was really good, and she'll be giving us a "high mark". Awesome! We were so nervous! Karen has it in her head the lecturer has it in for her! I did notice on the lecturers notes HD in a circle. HD to me stands for High Distinction... please please please!!

All thats left now is 2 end-of-semester exams (Psychosocial and Anatomy), 2 more lab quizzes, a 1500 word essay for Perspectives and a 15 min "OSCA". It's like an interview. I interview someone for 15 mins and try and find out as much relevant information (for a nurse) as I can. Then write notes after I've finished being interviewed for 15 mins. It'll just be me, the other person and a lecturer.... so nervous! 4 weeks to go for that!

Tomorrow, during Jensen's naptime - time to start the essay! It's due in 3 weeks!