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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Up early for a feed at 3:30 with Eden. She had one side, but woke up as I was putting her back to bed. Tried the other side and although she had some, she fussed and carried on. She was asleep on my lap when she had a little spew. As I was sitting her up, she had another one, but massive. It went straight up in the the air and landed splat on her face, with some over me and the bed. I asked her if she was ok and she gave me this massive grin through a spew face. She's alright :) cleaned off and the spew, changed her clothes, my clothes and have put a towel down coz Andrews not changing the sheet at 4:15 on the morning!
She's asleep again now, but with a snuffly nose so she sounds like she's purring.

Have turned the bread machine on, so we'll have bread for breakfast!

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