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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Yeah yeah yeah... Start uni in March. We're all sick of hearing it. But The Man has said he'll help with the housework and with J, the monkey that he is, when I'm there. Don't forget - I'll also be playing the part of employee and mother as well. (My fave is the mother part)

The last few nights I have been absolutely knackered. so very tired (surprisingly not tonight). Been in bed at 7pm and just want to sleep. The Man is down the other end of the hall playing, very loudly might I add, his computer game. The computer room is opposite J's room. So J is in our bed. There is NCIS on the tv, coz he likes that, but will also fall asleep to it. Apparently not last night OR the night before. So while I'm sleeping, J actually watches the TV or watches The Man play his game. Meanwhile, there's a whole stack of dishes to be done, or at least stacked in the dishwasher, and general cleaning to be done.

APPARENTLY, it's not The Man's job to help, until I'm at uni... WTF? Perhaps some practice? Try and put J to bed by yourself? I woke up at 10pm last night to find J nearly asleep on our bed, with The Man asleep in J's bed. Ah, pick him up and put him to bed. So I had to get up and put him to bed. All I needed to do was lie down with him for 5 mins and hey presto! out like a light..

I just don't understand. I'm not the only one that lives here!!!

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