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Monday, 18 January 2010

Uni enrollment nightmare

What a day!
This morning I dropped off The Man to work, and drove to Uni to enrol. I um'd and ah'd about whether I should go home and straighten my hair and put on some make-up so that my ID photo would look good. I decided No. I got on the toll road, took the exit. Drove to where I thought it was. Nope! Turns out at the end of the off ramp I had to turn right, not left. Drove around for about 10 mins trying to find a car park that didn't need a parking permit. Couldn't find one so I decided to just park in one anyway, I'm not going to be long!

I drove across the parking lot , across the car parks, so I could reverse in, nice and straight. With the car The Man and I are currently sharing (let's not go there tonight about where my car is...) if you drive/idle too slowly, the ignition light comes on and the car goes into a stall. Well, it happened. Car stalled - as I'm trying to reverse (up a slight slope, might I add). Currently, I'm blocking any incoming traffic, which thankfully, there's none of, coz it's only 0830 and it's not uni semester yet. Turn the key. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Panic rising. Come ON! I get out and try to push this 1 tonne paperweight into the carpark. Nope. Just not quite strong enough.

A guy, mid-late 20's, drives in. Panic ! I try to explain that the car stopped working. He parks in a car park, doesn't really talk to me except to answer the questions I ask, like "There's a tow truck on the way, how do I explain to him where I am?" He can't even answer that. I walk away and he goes off on his business. At this time I'm on the phone, in hysterics, to The Man, who's trying to calm me down and work out what the problem is. It's the distributor, which he "fixed" on Saturday. Today is Monday. He calls the tow truck.

Two other cars come into the car park. Ladies. They come over to me and offer to help push the car back into the carpark. We succeed, and they have a small chat to J, then they're on their way. Panic subsides.

J and I walk up to the main "road" to wait to wave down the tow guy. 5 mins later, he's there, and I direct him back to the car. He gets in it and the car starts first time. Not happy, but then it stalls, and I'm back to the frustrated stage. He rolls it to his tow truck and hooks it up. Now it's J's turn to stress out. He doesn't understand that the tow truck is taking it back to The Man's work (The Man is a mechanic). As the tow truck drives away, J settles. It's 0915.

Student ID is taken. Not too bad a photo. Can't tell there's no make-up and the hair is so-so. I'm told I could enroll here, or go to room x and have someone help me enrol, or do it at home. I chose the home option so that J didn't have to be quite as supervised.

1100 We have caught a bus to the local major shopping centre to wait for my dad and grandma. They've gone to the wrong shopping centre. Wait some more.

Home just after 1400 (2pm). The day is not about to get any better, but at least not worse.

Baked some shortbread. Wanted to make it Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free so whoever ate them would not be affected. Not enough D-F spread... Failed that. Followed the recipe. Overcooked them. The look like art decorations for the christmas tree. Maybe with some jam they'll taste ok.

1930 Finally tried to enrol. WTH?? I just don't understand! You need a degree just to enrol!

It's now 2230 and I've decided after making a trip to my Tupperware depot to pick up an order and get some replacements and then taking the kids to the beach with my sister, I'm heading BACK to the uni to get help! Another big day ahead :(

I'll let you know how it goes!

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