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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

On prac at the moment, after deciding to go part time with uni, the facilitator is nice, but talks to much - about nursing stuff and whatever else. Yesterday I swear I got an hour on the ward because we had heaps of pre-briefs and mini tutes and sat in on a in service (staff training).

Today, I got sent on  morning tea for 15-30 min. The facilitator ended up sitting with us and my 30 mins turned into 60 mins coz she turned what was supposed to be a break into a tute. I learnt things, sure, but that was my break!

Then when I got back to the ward, she had me finding dressings for a wound that was on another student's patient and reading up on why to use that one. Then she disagreed with the RN looking after that patient on what dressing should be applied. The patient was still in the shower, and was the RN's lunch break, so we were to go on ours. I swear I'd been back on the ward an hour. Our lunch break I think went for at least an hour again, then went upstairs, dressed this patients wound, wrote in notes and then got to watch a dressing put on. When that was done, it was time to meet her for a debrief of the day.... Which was what, exactly? I was hardly there. Tomorrow she wants to be with me on a med round, but hopefully then she goes and pesters the other students instead. I'd like a break on my break!

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