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Monday, 13 August 2012

Such a shit parent tonight. I don't believe I've ever yelled so much in one night. :'(
Eat your dinner!
Stop smearing dinner over the table!
Don't tip it all over the floor!
Stop talking and eat your dinner!
You're dinner is going to go cold if you don't eat it!
That's it! You can have it for breakfast! if you don't eat it for breakfast, you will take it to kindy for lunch!
Be quiet while I put your sister to bed! (I mean, surely he knows by now?!)
Go away! (coz yep, yet again he comes down to talk to me while putting Eden to bed)
Keep your voice down! ( god knows how many times I said this)
Eden! Go to sleep!
Put your head down!
Lie down!

During dinner I had a breakdown and had a cry. All I want is some time for me, instead of dragging a clinging child off my leg while I try to make dinner., I want my most 5-yr-old to do AS HE'S TOLD when he's told. I want people to actually eat the said dinner I made, instead, "it's dry", "I don't like it" or "I'm not hungry / I'll save it for later / I don't want that" or it's simply just tossed in the floor. The response I got for crying : "you wanted kids" :'(

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  1. Oh honey, I feel like this sometimes too. It can be so tough. There's nothing worse than getting that response from your husband either. I hate when I've had a really rough day & break down after dinner, only to have my husband say something like 'if you were more organised during the day you wouldn't be feeling like this'. Not helpful at all!

    I hope today is better xx


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