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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What a f-'ed up day.  Woke up with a killer headache. Mum had rung last night to say she'd be over early. 830 she turns up. To me, that's not early... I was up at 10 to 6 this morning...  Anyway, she gets here and says hi to Jensen, I don't remember her saying hi to me, only telling me that she's packed up her whole computer and brought it down so I can show her exactly what I need to show her. When I was on the phone to her last night, she managed to move a file from her computer to a usb stick, but apparently that's not what she wanted to do.  Anyway, apparently I made a face and said 'oh great' in a rude way. Mum was only here for 45 mins tops (and it takes 90 mins to get here). In that 45 mins, she took 3 phone calls, accused me of yelling at Jensen and pushing him away. Apparently that's what both my sister and I do, and we neglect them for the lap top. So she's gone outside to her car (we were having a yelling match), and I go to open her passenger side door so I can talk to her properly (btw - she started yelling first). She locks her doors, so I pop Jensen on her boot lid and stand with him behind her car. She starts her car and puts it in reverse.  I reckon I stood there for 5 minutes before she actually starts reversing! I finally get out of her way, fuck it, if she wants to leave, good. So I pop Jensen in the car, grab my handbag, phone and put shoes on and drive to Andrew's work. When I get there, I call her and find out where she got to. She only went to the shops just up the road ( which I passed to get to Andrew's work).  I told her where I was and if she wanted to meet me at a coffee shop there, she could.  She argued, that no, I could go to her. No, I was going to go the shops afterwards, she could me me there. No. I can meet her where she is. Then she's going to call me back. So I go and tell Andrew whats happened. I decide I'm going to a different shopping centre, so I call her back, tell her that I'm over it (as in a better mood) and she's in the bank and she'll call me back. I make it home before she calls me back (so, again, I've driven past the shopping centre she's at). I said, come over and we'll start again. No. She's having coffee there.  Again I offer to help her - start the morning over again. No. She's not coming over. I offer one last time and no she's not coming over. Oh wait, no she'll be over in an hour. WTF?  Waste my freaking day. She arrives about 10 mins later, but she wont come in, but she's only come over to say bye to Jensen and then she's going home. What a f- around. Waste of time. Another yelling match about what a bitch she's being (coz she was). I was so careful not to call her immature or childish, coz that's what she was being. Remember, this is all over me making a face and saying 'oh great' about her bringing her whole computer over. Finally, we've agreed to go to the shops. Only, she's taking her own car, and I'm to meet her there. Fine by me. By the time we get there, we must have both calmed down coz we were quite civil and had a conversation, even if it was awkward. Even managed a parting hug before we left.

I was so stressed that when I was on my way to meet her at these shops, I rang the dr and booked myself in for an appt.  I hadn't felt the baby move and was sure my blood pressure would be up. By the time I got to my appt, my BP was normal! 95/55!  I wanted to hear the baby's heartbeep, so I asked, and he grabbed his stethoscope and reckoned all he could hear was it's kicks. I don't want YOU to hear it  * I * want to hear it. Moron. So then, he went to grab a  towel, coz that's apparently he hears it. I told him to go and get the doppler. Idiot. He got the other dr, who I normally see, to use the doppler. He doesn't know how to use it. Heard the heart beat. 150 bpm. He did the towel thing anyway. Weirdo.

So, Jensen decides he wants to sew this afternoon.  So I drag out the sewing machine and overlocker. Stupid fabric is stretchy, so the sewing machine wont sew it.  It's not of stretchy stitch. I fix that up, but it drops stitches. I thought, I know how to fix this, and used the overlocker. This are going well with the overlocker, then it f 's up. Not happy. So I go back to the sewing  machine. I'm almost finished the bit the elastic is to go through (I was making shorts for Jensen), and the sewing machine, just wont sew.  

Today is not going well.  

Mince didn't defrost in time, so we'll be having that tomorrow night instead. I'm over today.

Tomorrow better be a better day.

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