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Monday, 22 November 2010

Jensen is such a big boy now. He doesn't carry on like a pork chop (a phrase he's now using!) at bed time. He even looks forward to his bedtime stories. We do read the same ones over and over again each night. I read to him his book of planets, "Who Sank The Boat?" and a book I borrowed from the library called "Mummy, Mummy, What's In Your Tummy?". Andrew will then read a shortened version of "Peter Rabbit" and "The Three Bears".

Jensen then chooses if he wants his solar system on. His music goes on regardless, and the door is half closed, toilet light down the hall way goes on and it's bed time! All this happens from 7ish and Jensen's alseep by 8!  I'm so proud of him!

He's going to make an awesome big brother! He loves to talk to the baby bump and has his dolly baby cabbage patch doll that is his own baby. He can't wait for the baby to come out so he can play with it.

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