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Thursday, 11 November 2010

BAck from a spontaneous trip to the maternity ward. I haven't been able to feel baby's kicks all morning, or last night... Probably last time I felt them was yesterday morning.

I call the dr, and can't get an appt til 215, when I should be on my way to work. So I sit down with a cold can of cola, and get comfy. 3/4 way thru the can, still nothing! I'm starting to worry. I call Andrew, and he tells me to call the hospital (of course I don't want to, I don't want to sound panicky, but apparently I was). Hospital called, and I spoke to a lovely midwife called Angela.  She tells me to head on up and she'll check it out for me. She didn't sound worried, so that sort of made me calm down (coz I was about to cry on the phone).

After I FINALLY found a park, I actually meet Angela and another midwife, and they're both lovely and friendly! Angela sets of to find me a bed and some equipment (this is where I met the other midwife). Angela takes me to a room, gets me on the bed, feels for the baby, puts the doppler on and hey presto! Heartbeat. Oh, the relief! Not 5 seconds later, a kick I can feel! And then another. I feel so silly. Must just be a quiet day for baby. Apparently they have a growth spurt at 24weeks (and I'm 23wks yesterday), and maybe it's just getting ready for that. Angela told me not to feel silly about coming in when I can't feel the baby, and there have been plenty of other women who thought they wont go into the hosp coz they can't feel the baby move, and from what Angela was trying to say, it didn't end well for those ladies. 

Sitting here now, baby is kicking. 

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