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Monday, 28 January 2013

The night before Prep begins

The night before the first day of school.

My nerves are running high. I can’t imagine how Jensen must be feeling. I’m excited too, but every possible thing I could forget is running through my head.  What if I forget something? I’ve packed ALL the school books, what if he doesn’t need them right away? The poor kid has a heavy backpack! What if we’re running late? Or early? Either would bring even more nerves. What if I haven’t packed enough lunch? Too much? There’s no fridge for leftovers. (technically there’s no fridge at home, we’ve been without power since 10 past 1 this afternoon – it’s 8:44pm now)

Everything is getting to me right now…. What if, what if, what if….

I also have to get Dad to an apt by 10:10am tomorrow. Then I need to be home before 230 (so I KNOW I’m not going to be late picking up J from his first day)…

So much to think about. No one to talk to.

There is other things going round my head too, but right now, the looming first day is right at the top…

Wish me luck!

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