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Monday, 30 April 2012

Super mum!

First day in the ward today. Gave my first medications and first s/c injection. Saw half of the procedure to put a drain in a pneumothorax. Got lost in the hospital labyrinth. Ended up at the morgue. Then home from prac by 4:30, dinner cooked and eaten by 5:30, baby in bed by 6:15, dishes done, kitchen and fridge cleaned and floor swept by 8pm, sleeping baby nappy changed without her waking = success! Preschooler asking to go to bed by 8:15. Being read Harry Potter, even though he's half asleep.

My back and knees ache from being on my feet all day, in shows that are comfortable for the first 4 hours of the shift (and then have 4.5hrs to go).

Andrew and I both agree, this arrangement seems to be working for us. While I dislike being away from the kids all day, it feels good knowing he can look after them and get them where they need to be. This afternoon while I cooked dinner, he took the baby for her bath, got her out, dried and dressed her. With out complaint!

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