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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I joined a gym when Eden was 7 weeks, but was only going once or twice a week to the classes. I haven't gone every week coz there have been weeks one or both (or one then the other) kids were sick. Same last week, Eden had a really green nose and they told me, without actually saying it, she can't come back it til it's cleared. It cleared, but now she's got this horrible cough.

She finally went to her own room the other day. She was supposed to go on Thursday, but the cough sounded croup-y again and I wanted her near me. Friday night she was there, and woke once. Saturday was J's birthday party and instead of her 3 naps that are normally between 1-1.5hr, she had one nap for half an hour. all day. That was it. Then woke 8+ times (I lost count after 4 and Andrew got up to her 4 times). Slept ok last night, woke once at 4:30. Monday night had 2 wake ups and I dragged her back to our room coz she wouldn't let me put her back to bed coz she kept feeding, and it's cold down there. As soon as the feed was over though, back to her room she went. Last night, 4 wake ups, there seems to be no consistency. 

Rolling happened about 2 weeks ago, but she's not happy being on the floor at all. If she's on the floor, you've gotta be there too. Just will not amuse herself. Prefers to sit. She's unsteady but she can sit there! Can't leave her coz she'll fall to the side, but sometimes to can see her put her hand out to stop herself, which does nothing coz she doesn't put pressure on it. BUT, I filmed the first roll over, so I'll work out how to put that up and you can see.

No solids here, but boy, is she ready! She was probably ready about 3 weeks ago, but I want to wait it out til 6 months ( I'll speak to a dr or nurse about it on Friday) as she has reaction to her vaccination and they bind those with all sorts of things like egg and dairy and latex. We're booked in for a special vaccination clinic at the Mater for the next lot.

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