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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not happy with our local Coles Supermarket today.

Eden was screaming, starving and unable to be fed while I was at the supermaker,  and the stupid checkout boy veeeerrrryyy slowly scanned my items. Then put the laundry items in a bag - and added my deli meat and fruit and veg to the same bag. I asked him to put the laundry items in a bag on their own, and he did and he asked if I had any other laundry items. Look at the belt idiot, can you see any other laundry items? I'm the only one at your register and only have the fruit and veg left. THEN, he put my fruit and veg and deli meats into the same bag with a 900g Milo tin. OMG kid. He didn't hurry or make any effort to talk to me or hurry because this baby was SCREAMING in my ear in hysterics. The other customers were looking at me, thankfully in pity - not in "shut your baby up" kind of way. I went to say something about the tin being in with the fruit and veg (and my one very expensive banana - $1.50 for one!), but made a face, sighed and let him pack whatever the hell he wanted to in a bag, I just needed to get out of there.

I did call the manager, but he had this blase attitude. He did apologise, but it sounded insincere and all I got from him was "We'll take him off registers because he knows he needs to pack faster than that".


Back to online shopping again for a while, until I can manage a shopping trip without a crying baby or a whinging kid.

This was only one part of my eventful morning...

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