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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I think Eden is getting Croup again :( I can hear the bounce in her cough. At least the snot is no longer fluoro.

However, whether green snot or croup, she's not able to go back to the gym creche til she's better. I'm not a self motivator at the gym, so the idea of going on my own to work out on my own is pretty much not going to happen. All the classes I want to go to are never after Andrew gets home (and, as mentioned in a previous post, Eden wont take a bottle), or ridiculously early in the morning. Sorry, not doing a Pump class at 5:30am.

I was actually gearing up to go more often. Now she's sick again ! grrr.

Eden also had an allergic reaction to her 8 week (2 months) vaccination, as well as her 16 week (4 month) vaccinations. Different reactions to different vaccines, so they're not sure what she's actually allergic to. So for her 24 week (6 month) vaccinations, we have to go to a special clinic.

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