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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lip Balm Pots

The search for individual lip balm pots is complete! 
I finally found some at an Amcal pharmacy. There were  small ones and big ones, and they came in 4 colours (purple, white, pink and green). I only bought 2, a small green one and a big purple one. They're plastic, which I am a little disappointed with, but that part of the Secret Santa present is now complete. All I had to do was re-liquify the lip balm I had left over and pour into the pots!

I also finally got my act together and made the Honey Scrub. It looks good, it smells good.... but it's brown. Not really appealing. To save having to out myself as secret santa, I've done up little cards with MS word that I'm going to print out, laminate (somehow - probably stingy me will use sticky tape), hole punch, add a elastic band and tie it to both the jar and the lip balm pots.

These are the pots and jar before tags:
Coconut Lip Balm

Honey Scrub

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