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Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Oh ... Thank God! A spider! Who'd have thought I'd be happy to see one?!

For the last three or so months, I've been seeing a spider. It could have been when i was waking up, or dozing off, or seeing it out of the corner of my eye or even dreaming about it and "sleep talking" about a spider. So much so that I've been worried I've hallucinated a spider. I've "seen" it in my sheets, ran out to Andrew to rescue me, only it's gone. It's been on my wardrobe door or the wall behind the behead, but when I wake Andrew it's gone. (just writing that, it sounds like Andrew makes it disappear). The spider has been other places, but I just can't think at the moment.

Then tonight, while sitting on the lounge room floor (coz, surprisingly, at 28 weeks pregnant, the floor is actually more comfortable than the couch) I saw a spider on the wall. Omg, so pleased that Andrew could see it and I'm not imagining it!!

That said though, I don't want to kill it. But holy moly man... That thing is HUGE. And that's not a girly understatement. About the size of my palm. Blergh. Scary up close (I had to walk past the wall it was on).
But, he can stay, as long as he doesn't bother me or Andrew or Jensen. :)

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