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Monday, 20 December 2010

I'm finally starting to be less paranoid about this baby now.  I've gotten a kick chart from the midwife last week, but haven't actually needed to fill it out because baby seems to move a bit more now.  I'm 28 weeks!  12 weeks to go!  Well, a little less seeing 29 weeks is 2 days away! 12 weeks seems sooooo long though. Least maternity leave is not so far away !

We had a midwife appointment almost a week ago, and I did my Glucose test. The stuff they make you drink was nice - while I was drinking it. Once I'd finished it, all I wanted to do was throw up! Apparently, baby really enjoyed it! Bouncing around in there! Jensen was really well behaved, seeing we had to sit there for an hour before pathology needed to do a blood test. I was told that the midwife at 6pm would have the results.  Jensen and I went and had birthday cake with Andrew at his work afterwards (chocolate cake with creamy toblerone "sauce" - I'll post the recipe :) ). Then Jensen I went up to Carindale to have lunch with my dad, who, in all fairness, was unshaven and looked like he was homeless (sorry dad).  Did a bit of shop hopping (window shopping), bought nothing, and headed back to Andrew's work to collect him to go to the midwife appointment. The midwife was nice enough... A little annoyed, I thought, that we were 30 mins early. We knew that, and were happy to sit and wait. She must have been on her way to her break. Andrew's birthday dinner was at 730. Finally, it's 6 o'clock and we get to be seen. I tell her all my ailments, granted - I think every pregnant woman has these ailments but too bad,  she says she doesn't have the diabetes test results. So totally annoyed. I tell her baby is very quiet, so she puts me on a kick monitor thing, which I think is the same one they put on you to monitor contractions, and leaves me for 30 mins. Jensen hasn't slept all day, and both he and Andrew are getting antsy.  30 mins later, she comes in and says, oh I'll leave you for another 15 mins, and then I'll need to get a doctor to look at it.  It's probably nearly 7pm by now, and Jensen's going crazy and Andrew's starting to get annoyed we're going to be late to dinner. Finally the dr, who doesn't seem very happy, comes in and basically after prodding me for 5 mins, says, they aren't really concerned at 28 weeks with movements.  Thanks. I was on that darn monitor for an HOUR so you could tell me that. I've decided both Andrew and Jensen aren't coming to my appt's anymore. Andrew just sits there playing iphone games during when the midwife actually sees me anyway. Thanks for the support, husband.

Thursday I call to see if they have my results, but they can't give them out over the phone. Apparently, a doctor wont review them until Friday, and if they have any concern, they'll ring me.

Fast forward to the weekend, I had to work. I get home, and the grass needs to be mowed and wipper-snippered (Andrew finally got one last week!) because there's a street party. Andrew's taken out my two tomato plants in one garden (really, all he had to do was look) coz I asked him to wipper-snip the garden back so it was actually IN the garden. It's ok though, I got some new ones from the daycare lady, and have another growing in another garden anyway. It started to pour rain, again, so he didn't get to mow. Andrew did look like he enjoyed his wipper-snippering, so I reckon I can get him to do it again.  Hopefully before Christmas,  although, that's not likely.

Andrew's mother's brother was in town, so we drove up to Andrew's parents place... and he'd gone out. So we waited an hour, and came home to go to the street party. It was nice to see all the neighbours out and chatting and sharing food and having a drink together. Santa came on a ute, handed out some presents (supplied by the parents). When Santa left, so did we. We went to my granddad's 80th birthday party. Only Andrew had forgotten that it was at a leagues club, so then we spent half an hour looking for a pair of shoes to borrow coz you can't wear thongs in.  Finally, someone there guessed I was having a girl. It's a nice change from all the "boy" guesses I've been hearing.  Home by 10, so I could get up and go to work Sunday. There, I was told that I looked as big as the other pregnant girl at work who is 36 weeks pregnant. Nice. Coz I don't feel fat/ugly/ungainly enough.

Brings me to today. Finished off my christmas shopping, and I have to pick Jensen up at 4. So I'm going to try and make cheese scrolls, biscuits, roast veg couscous, start the rice part of fried rice, decide on and cook dinner and hang out some washing. Doesn't leave me much time :)

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