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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Poor Customer Service

Yesterday, to get out of the house due to all the rain, we drove down to our local Babies Galore so Andrew could have a look at the new booster seat I want to get Jensen. We got there at 3pm, they were closing at 4pm (due to yesterday being the Boxing day public holiday). We walked right up to the booster/ car seats. There was another couple there, asking questions to a staff member, so I just pointed to Andrew which one I liked, trying to get him to actually take an interest in which one.  I must have been there 5 minutes, looking at all the tags on the seat, turning the seat around, telling Andrew what another store had told me about it, when I walked away to find Jensen. Andrew was still standing in front of the seats. I came back, and then there was another family, with a staff member, discussing seats. The family, nor the staff member, made any attempt to move so I could keep looking at the seat. There was a third staff member at the registers, and she just watched us go  when we walked out of the store, 20 mins after we arrived. Where was the 2nd staff member when we walked in? Why did we have to wait 15 mins for NO ONE to serve us (the other 5 mins were trying to get Jensen to leave the toys :) ) NO ONE even asked if they could help us. You'd assume coz we walked right up to a booster seat and were fiddling around with it, that maybe the first staff member, even though she was with someone, could have asked can I get someone to help you?

Absolutely terrible customer service. 

The other store, where I was first looking at booster seats, the staff member walked up to me, asked me if she could help and then gave me all the information I could ask for! Any question, she had an answer for. I know where I'm going to buy it from. 

So, if you're looking for help with any baby item and require customer service, perhaps Babies Galore Loganholme  is not the best one to go to.

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